Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Projects

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  Hectic or relaxed?  Healthy or sick?  Fast or slow?  Whatever it was....I hope you had a good one.

Our weekend wasn't what we planned.  Allergies, health, and weather didn't cooperate as we hoped, but we still had fun together and got a lot done.

Here's what we did:

Chewy decorated paper flowers with pink sparkles.  (Project reveal tomorrow).

Biker Boy sawed and chiseled wood.

I painted and sanded wood....with a helper.  And yes, there are bikes on every wall of the garage.  Even ones we don't ride anymore.  (The red one in the picture above was our 1st tandem...we couldn't get rid of it when it broke.)

The boys transplanted yuccas in between bouts of sleet, hail, and snow.  I took the pictures from the controlled environment of my bedroom, where I was working in the closet.  The very messy closet.

Then Biker Boy...well.....of course, he biked in the precarious weather.  Luckily he rode his mountain bike to get traction on all those ice pellets.  The kids and I even ventured out in the vehicle in a downpour of larger than pea-sized hail to see if he wanted a ride home.  Nope.  For some odd reason, he had fun.  That would be the Biker Boy I love. 

Hoping you got to spend time with something or someone you love!  Enjoy!

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