Friday, February 19, 2010

What To Do?

I’m having a dilemma. Okay, not a dilemma. That’s exaggerating a little. Just a little.

I’m just having a typical…I know I can make that myself…but what do I really want to do “moment.”

It’s Hobby Lobby’s fault. Or Biker Boy's fault for letting me have a night off to go swimming and aisle lurking. Or my fault for stepping in Hobby Lobby in the first place. Or my kids’ fault because I didn’t have them with me to speed me up in the aisles of Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby is an evil, evil place when you’re a mom with a night off to wander aisles. Evil. I knew they had a lot of stuff there, but well…when I usually take one or two little ones with me I don’t get to go down aisles slowly. I got to go slowly last night. Did you know they have a lot of stuff there?!

I was able to restrain myself and only spend $12. It was tough. Really tough. But that’s where my dilemma enters.

You see….no you don’t…but anyways….Chewy has this regular builder’s grade $10 light fixture in her room. Good enough. It looks nice enough. But I fixed up her room pretty a little while ago and well, the light looks sad. Plain. Unhappy. Bored. It could use some bling. Pretty girly bling. At least just something pretty over that light fixture.  I can't seem to find a pretty light fixture that costs around $15.

I got the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and saw this baby in there for $79. (Find it here).
It’s a Paper Flower Chandelier. Having just got a Cricut, I thought, “Hey, I can make that.” For cheap. Cheaper. Thrifty. Frugal. Whatever.

I got some pink gemstones and blue ribbon (instead of green) and I’m all set to go. That’s about $4 spent. I’ve even got the flowers made up. I made flowers one day while the kids made cards. That Cricut thing is kinda addicting. I have to hide it away!

But you know how I love capiz (see this post)….on my barely there decorating budget? (Okay, I really don’t have a budget for it….I just try not to spend much). Then I saw this gorgeous light at PB Teen. It comes in blue/green or pink/orange. Capiz. *drool* $129!! *jaw hanging open* Still drooling, though. (Find it here).
Image from

Look what I came home with last night. Think I can make one for a whooping $12? I wonder?

So…it comes down to deciding what to do. Help me, please? (I’ll take emails or comments, please!)

Option A: Paper Flower Chandelier
Option B: Capiz Sequin Chandelier (in what colors?)
Option C: A little of both

What would you vote for? Don’t say… ‘whatever Chewy wants’. The girl likes it all. I already showed her the pictures. She wants both, just not necessarily together. Uff Dah!

Choices, choices, choices. But can I really make them? That is the question.

Psst… Did you know Hobby Lobby sells precut flowers with gemstones if you don’t have a Cricut? They also sell paper discs with small holes so you could make your own chandelier with paper instead. Seriously, don’t go there alone or limit the amount of money you bring. It’s evil I tell you, evil! And no, I don’t work for Hobby Lobby. I’m apparently just smitten with them. What are smitten with these days?

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  1. I am OBSESSED with Hobby Lobby and could spend HOURS in there too! I think a combo of both might look neat for the chandelier. I saw it in PB teen too and wanted to make one! Good luck!


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