Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dog Gone Ridiculous

Let’s stir up some controversy here!

Dog outfits….Accessory or Necessary?

Yep. Dog Outfits. What do you think?

I tend to think they’re an accessory and well, a little ridiculous. Even silly.

But you know what, I’ve never actually seen with my own eyes a dog dressed up. I can imagine why you would dress up your dog on Halloween. Or why you would let your kids dress up your pooch. Okay. (I’m waiting for the day Chewy puts a tutu on our dog!)

I have seen some little dogs in coats. And now having a little dog myself….I completely understand. It’s necessary.

Have you met Ranger? He tends to pop up in a lot of pictures here because…..he likes us. I think. He just likes to be around people.

Ranger is the size of a cat and tends to accompany us a lot of places. Even snowshoeing in the winter. The poor puppy’s hair on his tummy drags on the ground and gets covered in snow. That leads to a cold and shivering doggie that gets a ride in a blanketed backpack. Lucky dog.

We decided Ranger needed a coat to help keep him from getting so much snow stuck to his tummy. Have you ever looked at doggie clothes in a store? It felt a little funny. And they cost a lot! Plus most of the coats we saw were fleece (not a good idea in snow) or only had a small strap on the stomach (that wouldn’t do much good). Did I mention they cost a lot?

So I got it into my head to make Ranger a coat out of one of Chewy’s old baby coats. The coat is sitting on top of my sewing box and nothing has happened to it yet. Typical.

The other day I was in Petco buying Ranger some food when Chewy and I happened upon a shelf of clearance items. Lo and behold….there was a lined raincoat for small doggies on it. For $3.84! I looked at it and put it back because it was pink. Ranger’s a male dog. The coat was pink with hearts.

Guess What? After getting the food Chewy and I went back and picked up one of those coats. I mean…at that price…I can hardly take the time to make one! And it rang up for $3.00! Woo Hoo! And it fit!

I was worried about what Biker Boy would think. His comment, “How’s he suppose to feel manly in that?” Yep. But he approved of the price to keep it.
"No comment."

Now Ranger’s all ready to go play in the snow with us. Too bad it was 80 degrees yesterday here. I’m sure there must still be snow at the top of the mountain that we could try out.
"How can anyone notice my new haircut in this ridiculous thing?"

So what do you think of doggie outfits? Yay or Nay? Accessory or Necessary? Am I destroying Ranger’s man/doggie hood with a pink coat with hearts?

Psst....don't tell Ranger that the coat is a Smoochie Pooch, A Simply She Brand.  Can I say, "CUTE!?"

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  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Those photos are hilarious, especially the last one!


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