Friday, March 19, 2010

Lemi-Shine Giveaway Winner

You wanna know what I was doing on a Friday night?  Right?  You wanna know?

I was waxing a bathtub.  Yep, waxing a bathtub.

We had our bathtub at our old/rental/unsellable home professionally resurfaced (painted) after we moved out and before our renters moved in 2 years ago.

You have to becareful how you clean it.  The renters weren't.  They must have used steel wool to clean things.  Naughty

The cleaner wax did a pretty good  In case you're wondering, I used a random orbital waxer.  You probably weren't wondering.

You're just waiting for me to announce the winner while I ramble on.  Thanks to all who entered.

Biker Boy pressed the mouse button at to find out that the winner is Comment #3.  KATIE!

Give me a holler Katie.  I'll send your Lemi-Shine out and you can have fun washing your dishes and toilets. 

Thanks so much to Lemi-Shine for donating the goods.  Hop on over to your local store to get some.  I found mine at Target.  Look carefully.  Lemi-Shine is a moderate sized bottle hiding amongst those giants of detergent bottles.  I went to get more this week and they were hiding on the back of the shelf.

Have a great weekend!

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