Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Sprouts

I'm getting a little anxious.  Just a little.

It's barely March and the kids and I already planted seeds.  There's still snow on the ground.  Do you see it?

They sprouted.  Fairly quickly.  These are a week old.  The seeds, not the kids!  Though the kids do sprout quickly too!

I can't put them in the ground till May 15 or later.  (Believe me, I learned my lesson the first year here.  It'll get really warm like today for a couple of weeks and then'll freeze.)

Pretty little plants.  I love outdoor plants.  A little too much.  Did you know I live in the high mountain desert?  With infertile ground?  With hungry bunnies?

Drought tolerant, pretty colored plants in a bland environment.  That's what I'm dreaming of.  I'm not drought tolerant, just in case you were wondering.

One of these plants are bunny yummy (coreopsis), but hopefully Ranger is good at scaring them away.  Plus a little chicken wire never hurt.  (Check out my bunny proof gardening plants here.)

I still have to plant the purple coneflower.  I grew some from seed last year and hopefully they return.  I'm going to have a windowsill full of plants come May. 

Now if I could just get rid of those darn little bugs!

Are you anxious for spring?  Any no-fail seed started plants to try?  Any favorite outdoor plants?

Have a sproutin' good time!  Please come back tomorrow for some more "Blast From The Past."

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