Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Low Battery Warning

Why does the smoke detector’s low battery warning always go off in the middle of the night? At 2 in the morning and then sounds a beep every minute?

And on the night when you’re already really tired from every low battery going off in your life?

It’ll be a little quiet here on the blog Home.Kids.Life as I attend to low battery warnings in the real Home.Kids.Life.

I’m busy with these:

And this:

And a bazillion other things.

But have no fear; we’ll restore the batteries and our normally scheduled programming soon.  It's just one of those times.

I promised to reveal a project we did. I’ll reveal it, but will have to wait for another time to post the how-to and how-did.

Design by me. Mechanicals by Biker Boy. Quality Control by me. Supervision by Scooter and Chewy.

We'll see how far the batteries can be drained.  But they will be refueled, it just takes some faith to see and hear past the beeping every minute.

And when I do return, I’ll be hosting another GIVEAWAY! Yippee! That’s something to look forward to! Stay tuned…..

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    We just had alarm issues here as well! Love the kids!

    FYI- I saw one of you fav things is to read with your kids-me too! I have a meme called Feed Me Books Friday and mom post about 1-5 of their favs and why.

    It's a fun way to get library list ideas and learn of great authors. And this week I will be giving a $25 gift certificate to one lucky linker!

    I hope you'll consider joining use sometime! That is once your projects get done:)


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