Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Mommy Agenda

Want a peek into my day?

Biker Boy got up at 5:25am this morning to bike to work. That gives me an extra hour and a half to sleep to get stuff done.

Wake up is followed by 30 minutes of devotion time. I’m trying to get better at that.

Then it’s 30 minutes of computer time, which has gone up to an hour this morning! Maybe I’ll get ahead on blogging bill paying.

7am – Kids get up. I get dressed while they play. They get dressed. We play.  Lots of playing.

8am – Breakfast and Curious George. When George is over, the kids know breakfast is over. I like Curious George. Yes, I do. I usually eat in about 15 minutes and spend the next 15 packing snacks and getting ready.

8:30 – The rush to get meds done for Scooter, teeth brushed, and socks on.

8:45 – Out the door and off to preschool.  The dog usually comes with us if Chewy and I are coming home or running errands.  He loves to come with us.

9-11 – MOPS Today!  I usually miss the Thursday group because of preschool activities, but we're going today. If you’re expecting or have a child that is kindergarten age or younger, check out a MOPS group in your area. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

11:30 – Get Scooter.

Lunch time and story time.

1-2 – Quiet time for Scooter, Naptime for Chewy, Mommy Time for Me.

2-3 – Play with Scooter, usually cars.  Sometimes paper airplanes. He’s starting to read now, so he’ll read to me for a little bit too. It’s usually followed with, “Do I get a treat for reading to you?” Do I get a treat for reading with him?
I'm not afraid to post the mess.  Yep.

3:30 – Snack time. Chewy gets up sometime between now and 4. You’ll know if she hasn’t napped long enough. We’re in for it when she’s a teenager.

4 – Biker Boy usually gets home, but not when he bikes in. (It’s all up hill on the way home.) Today it’ll be warm so we’re going hunting for ancient sea reptiles in the yard. (Have I mentioned Scooter loves anything dinosaur?) Maybe we’ll score another fossil. We’ve found a couple of shell fossils and one crinoid in the yard.

5 – Biker Boy will hopefully be home soon. We’ll be cleaning mud off our feet and the kids will probably have to change their pants. Because of mud.  Hopefully.

5:30 – Dinner. One night a week we do a frozen cheese pizza with edamame. That would be tonight. My easy dinner night. I like not having to think about dinner for one night. Usually Biker Boy makes this dinner, but since he’s biking….I’ll make it!

6 – Take turns bathing children, making sure they clean up, and leaving time for a little “Get You, Get Me” (a combo of tag and hide and seek.) Sometimes Chewy and I play princesses.

6:40 – Story time, meds, brush teeth, bed.

7 – Kids in bed. Yes, they go to bed at 7. When Scooter stopped napping we started putting him to bed at 7 and he’s out like a light now that he’s in preschool. Chewy sometimes will fall asleep right away if she didn’t nap well. If she napped 3 hours, we leave a little light on for her to read books for a little bit.

9 – We get ready for bed. Yes, we go to bed around 9:30 – 10pm.

That would be today. There will probably be a few bottom wipings, a few nose wipings since Scooter hasn’t started his allergy meds, and a lot of hugs and kisses. There will be toys everywhere, laundry that gets forgotten, and a dog ringing a bell to go out. Somewhere in there I will have to get in some exercise. There will be mommy guilt....guilt if I'm doing housework and not playing with them and guilt if I'm playing with them and not doing housework.  The kids usually win out.  I can clean when they're in college.  Though, I'll admit a messy house sometimes makes me anxious. 

Boring? Maybe to an outsider. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Enjoy every moment. Even the “everyday” ones.

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