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Scooter and Chewy Read - Bicycle Books

We like to ride bikes. (Did the name Biker Boy give you a clue?) We always wear helmets. Some of us have crashed and hit our heads a couple of times. Not to mention have gotten stitches (Biker Boy), concussions and dislocated shoulders (me). Wear your helmets people!
March 2008

So we’re reviewing a few bicycle-orientated books that the kids have or enjoy. Books where the main character is wearing a helmet. We don’t shun bicycle books without helmets. We just end up hearing a chorus of tiny voices saying,” They should be wearing a helmet” or “They’re not wearing a helmet,” or “Why aren’t they wearing a helmet?”  Yep, I think we have them trained.

“Go-Go-Go!” by David Goldin

We all love this book! Scooter received it as a gift from my parents when he was one and we had just moved to the southwest. The Tour de France was going on at the time. It was the only little bit of TV we indulged Scooter in at the time. This book is about Maurice who is racing in the bicycle race held once a year. He knows he’s going to win the gold medal, but is presented with lots of obstacles along the course. This guy is persistent! Chewy often requests “the book about Maurice.” Pick up the book and see if he beats his rival Stinky. The story is great and the illustrations (done by the author) are amazing. David Goldin uses found bits of anything to add texture to his illustrations and they kind of remind me of colorful, edgy Dr. Suess drawings. I liked the illustrations so much I bought a used book and framed three pictures to put in the kids’ bathroom. Yep, I did.

“Froggy Rides a Bike” by Jonathan London, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

There are a series of cute Froggy books. We’ve enjoyed many of them. This one involves Froggy learning to ride a bike. He tells his dad to not let go and you can probably guess what happens. Another great book about persistence and trying again if you fall. Of course, Froggy has an incidence that leaves him more red than green. I don’t know why, we just love Froggy books.

“D.W. Rides Again,” by Marc Brown

What kid doesn’t like Arthur and D.W.? My kids love them. Chewy is especially fond of D.W. She could be a little D.W. In this book D.W. gets a two-wheeler and is trying to learn how to ride it. Arthur gives his little sister a great lesson on bicycling rules. Marc Brown always does a great job of writing stories that relate to little kids’ lives and making them fun at the same time.

“Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen” by Cari Best, pictures by Christine Davenier

We picked this book up at the library this week, which led to this bicycle review series. It’s a sweet story about a little girl that's born to ride her bike. Flash is her bicycle, but one day Sally Jean is too big for Flash and her parents can’t buy her a new bike. What does a girl who is born to ride do when she doesn’t have a bike to ride? Pick this up to read a great book about persistence, responsibility, sharing, helping, and growing up. (The only helmet issue we had was that Sally Jean isn’t wearing a helmet when she rides on the back of her Mama’s bike or on her tricycle.)

So, put on your helmet and pick up a good book to read to the kids.  Or get out there biking with them!  Either way, enjoy it! 

Any other bicycle related books that you enjoy?  We'd love to hear about them!

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  1. Okay! You totally inspired me! Love the whole theme reading...and I LOVE the bathroom! This gives me some ideas for decor in my house! Thanks! :-)

  2. I love that you decorated with a favorite book! I'll have to keep that in mind when we have our own house someday!

  3. I love those pictures on the wall! What a great idea!

    We will definitely need to find those bicycle books. My oldest is ready to take of those training wheels this summer!

    Our favorite bike book is Duck on a Bike, by David Shannon.

  4. I am so fond of Arthur and DW! I actually ought to borrow a few books about bike riding - might inspire my kiddo to give up the training wheels ...

  5. Great Theme as we approach bike riding weather!

    My B calls everything with wheels a "motor-sickle"

    I love how you framed the illustrations! I've been tempted to do that and just might have to follow your lead.

    Thanks for contributing!

  6. We LOVE Froggy! His books are the best. We have the DW book too.

  7. We LOVE Froggy! We have the DW book too.


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