Friday, March 12, 2010

Scooter & Chewy Read - Dinosaur Books

Scooter loves dinosaurs! Really, really, really loves them. Chewy likes them too.

On our weekly library trips Scooter comes home with 4 nonfiction dinosaur books. That’s his limit. He’d take them all if I let him. Plus, I have to read them. On a side note, the books that have pronunciation guides for the dinosaur names are great!

Besides the nonfiction books, we always come home with some storybooks about dinosaurs. I have no idea how the kids find these. It’s not like we go searching for them. Chewy can whip books off the library shelves faster than I can throw them in the bag. And she finds good books. It’s like she has a little built in book homing device.

Here’s a few of the books we either have at home or that we got at our last trip to the library. Some are well known and others I’ve never heard of till Chewy whipped them off the shelf. All are truly enjoyable.

“How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
There is a whole series of the “How do Dinosaurs” books. They have cute illustrations and simple rhyming text. The dinosaur pictures all have the names (a bonus for Scooter). These are simply charming books.
“T. Rex and the Mother’s Day Hug” by Lois G. Grambling, illustrated by Jack E. Davis
There are other T. Rex books in the series. Delightful story with illustrations my kids love to look at.  Quite silly.
When Dinosaurs Came With Everything” by Elise Broach, illustrated by David Small
This is a repeat at our house. The story is quite catchy and fun, while the illustrations wonderfully complement the story. I like this one quite a bit, it’s fun to read.

“What Happened to Patrick’s Dinosaurs?” by Carol Carrick, illustrated by Donald Carrick
Interesting story of what a young boy thinks happened to dinosaurs. Fanciful illustrations to accompany the story. My kids have me read this about 3 times a day.

Any other great dinosaur storybooks out there?  My kids would love the recommendations!  Now back to runny noses and a virus running rampant through our house.  Can I say my children are acting like little dinosaurs?  Yikes!  The poor things just look and sound terrible. I think I hear the roars of them getting up!

Psst...I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY starting Monday (I'm a little excited!).  And one other thing....I've just started the Scooter & Chewy Read series.  Click on "read" in the labels to the right and see what other books they like.

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  1. We love dinosaurs at our house too. Have you read Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff? It's currently my daughter's #1 favorite book in the whole world. :)

  2. We love dinosaurs at our house too. Have you read Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff? It's currently my daughter's #1 favorite book in the whole world. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I love FMBF, as my library list grows longer each week! :)

  4. These books look wonderful! My son is suddenly obsessed with anything dinosaurs and runs around "Roaring" constantly. I'm definitely looking these up at the library!

  5. The really fun dino book we have is Drumheller Dinosaur Dance

    Drumheller is a small town in near where I grew up in Canada that has a world class paleontology museum as well as being in the heart of a prehistoric-sea-turned dino graveyard. It's one of the first books we read to our first daughter (even though she was only about six weeks old!). The book has a really fun rhythm!

  6. Ha! Chewy sounds like my almost 2 year old. I have a list and she just starts grabbing but I have to say she does an excellent job as well.

    My nephew especially love anything dinosaur. I'm getting him dino bks for his 3rd b-day. Glad you are so passionate about bks!


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