Friday, March 5, 2010

Shine On Lemi Shine

Remember my hard water woes? (If not, you can see it here).

How I refused to use the dishwasher?  And how the eco friendly detergent (Sorry Seventh Generation *boo hoo*) just wasn't cutting it?

Well, the kids and I were in Target the other day scouring the detergent aisle. I had just picked up a bottle of Palmolive eco dishwasher detergent when I spied the words “Hard Water” on a nearby bottle.

I glanced again and it said, “Removes Tough Hard Water Spots & Film.” Hmmm. It was a bottle of Lemi Shine. It said “The Hard Water Expert!”

Caught my attention. Yes, it did. I picked it up and for just over $3 threw it in my cart to purchase.

I showed it to Biker Boy who had been researching hard water additives, but got distracted by “green” water softening systems.

I wish I had a before picture. Just like me to forget to take it. But our dishwasher, which is only 2 and half years old, was disgusting. Yucky! Brown! Gross! I had even run it empty a couple of times with vinegar…all to no avail.

We filled up the tray with Lemi Shine and let it run in an empty dishwasher. Lo and behold….when we opened it…..the room filled with heavenly music and a heavenly scent. Can you hear it?

Okay, maybe the music was in my head. But it was lovely! The dishwasher was spanking white. White! Like it was new! I was astonished. It was time for a Happy Dance!

And since the dishwasher is running and I can’t get pictures of that to show you and since I’m super excited about Lemi-Shine….I cleaned my toilet…..just for you. What a lucky reader you are! (Actually, lucky Biker Boy since I cleaned our toilet.)

Prepare yourself….this isn’t going to be pretty. It’s a toilet. Potty Pictures. I promise not to use potty language. (I may think it while cleaning the toilet. Just maybe.  But I'll never say it.) Are you prepared?

Because here’s my hard water stained yucky toilet before adding Lemi Shine:

I added some Lemi Shine and let it sit in there. (They have some lovely additional uses and how-to directions on their website. Oh bless EnviroconTech!)

Then I slightly scrubbed half the toilet.

Then I slightly scrubbed the whole toilet. No elbow grease, just to see.

Pretty, pretty toilet. Oh Happy Dance again!

I know, it isn’t perfect. It could use a little elbow grease. But it’s much, much better. And it smells nice.  That's saying a lot when my toilet sits right next to the cat's litter box!

How come I’ve never heard of Lemi-Shine before? It says phosphate free and safe for septic systems. (Bonus.) It’s made with real fruit acids, natural citrus oils and fragrance. (Bonus.) If you swallow it, you only have to drink plenty of water to dilute it. (Double bonus.) It has a money back guarantee. (Bonus.)

If you’ve got hard water woes, give Lemi Shine a try. You’ve got nothing to lose with a money back guarantee.

And no, I don’t work for Lemi Shine or receive any compensation from them.  I just like to share some of my favorite things. I’m just a happy dancing customer who can use her dishwasher again.   (And not close my eyes and plug my nose every time I go in the potty room.) 

Any wonderful hard water additives that you’ve come across in a store? Ones that actually work for a reasonable price?  Anything that makes you do a Happy Dance?

How do you deal with hard water?

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