Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unenchanted Princess Call and A Frugal Backsplash

Before I begin:  Have you entered the giveaway yet?  Please do.  Only about 1/6 of the people viewing it have, so you stand a good chance of winning.

It's my night off.  Biker Boy's at the unsellable (rental/old) home tonight, I was there all day today with the kiddos and there last night.  (3 hours of peace and quiet to paint and clean concrete!  What fun!) 

A couple of things:

First - The Unenchanted Call

Thinking of getting an Enchanted Princess Call for a little one for a special occasion?  Well, through the Disney Movie Rewards program I was able to enter a code and get a free call from Princess Tiana.  I ordered it for noon on Chewy's birthday.  She was thrilled that she was going to get a call from a princess.  We did tell her about it.  I got the video camera ready and everything. 

Note that I said, "call."  Chewy anticipated talking to the princess.  The "call" is a recording from Princess Tiana telling about gumbo and such.  (I knew it would be a recording.)  I've got a video of Chewy trying to talk to the princess, saying "I want to talk," and then when Princess Tiana hung up Chewy cried out, "I didn't get to talk."  Then she burst into tears and stuck her little head into my shoulder.  It was a waterworks tear fest with sobbing.  The poor thing was so disappointed.  Thank you to a certain Aunt who then pretended to be Princess Cinderella later in the day and "talked" with Chewy.  That worked wonders!

Thank goodness I didn't pay to have a princess call.  Note to others:  If your child likes to "talk" to a Disney character, don't order an Enchanted call.  Have someone pretend to be a character.....that's priceless.

Second - A Frugally Cheap Backsplash

We don't want to spend a fortune on a house we're going to lose money on.  ($900 on garage doors today...I feel faint.)  The kitchen has always needed some TLC.  Kitchen redos can cost way too many dollars.  I wanted to help it appeal to buyers.  We had a backsplash that was.....for lack of a better word.....sad.  Cracked, broken, stained, and yucky. 

I told Biker Boy my idea for a backsplash and he wasn't so sure.  I said it would be less than $20.  He still wasn't sure, but gave me full option to do what I wanted.  And for less than $20....I did. (More than $18 and less than $19!)  It's so much better.  It looks more than $20 better.  Full details and a how-to in the future.  (And the how-to for the shelves in our bathroom sometime too.)  What do you think of the new backsplash?  Just ignore all our stuff piled on the counter....we're a working away to beautify that house.  And eating while we do it. 

Hope your week is shaping up good.  Kinda like my backsplash.  I'll be so glad when we get that house on the market.  And sold.  I'll be the one happy dancing.  Some major happy dancing, even if we lose money.  Right now I want to go to bed.  But I have piles of laundry and dishes waiting.  Anyone else with me?

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