Friday, April 2, 2010


Once a year we dye…..hands.

I mean….once a year we dye eggs.

Once a year I take a deep breath (or a few) and let the kids have a free for all decorating eggs.

We start with spoons to keep hands clean, but that usually results in a couple of casualties.

The dog doesn’t seem to mind. But I really don't like him consuming it all.

Then it’s on to dying the hands.  I'll have to remember gloves next year.  I say that every year.

From white eggs to...

Dyed Eggs.

Now my kids get to go to church with dyed hands. Great.
Any thing you only attempt once year for the fun and mess of it all?  Any dyed hands?  Pink fingernails?  Smurf-colored children?

Have a great Easter celebrating the one who "dyed" for us and then rose to save us all!

Happy Easter!


  1. Wire whisks work great for dying eggs, and not hands:)

  2. Lisa has an awesome tip! I'm going to have to remember that one for next year!


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