Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faux Capiz and Some More Cupboard Crashing

When the husband is away, the wife will play.

Okay, maybe not. He was only gone one night and I didn’t sleep well. Plus, I locked the kids and myself out of his car.  You can see that here.

I did stay up and worked on this:

You may recall how I was trying to figure out what to make to go over Chewy’s light fixture. (Find it here.)  Thanks to those who commented or emailed on suggestions.  And maybe you don't recall....not a problem. (You can also see Chewy’s room here.)

I’m making a faux capiz thing. One ring almost done. The smallest one. Only three more to go. Whew. Give me a year and maybe I’ll have it done to show you. By that time I may actually find a cheapo chandelier to hang up!  Chewy loves for me to hold up what I've finished in the sunshine because it makes rainbows!  I hope I can get it hung up before she loses interest!

In other home news….it’s time once again for a little cupboard crashing.

An easy way to spice up your marriage is to…..rearrange your spices. Keep the hubs looking for them. Since I’ve already done the spice cabinet (see it here), it was time to move on to another cabinet. Or three.

I moved things around in my pantry, kids’ cabinet, and my glassware cabinet. You see….I kept kids’ coloring books, stickers, coloring things, and games in a low cabinet in the kitchen. But those little monkeys tend to hang on cupboard doors as they’re looking for something. After 2 broken hinges, I decided it was time to move things around. The kids’ stuff got moved to the pantry, which has an actually door and a doorknob. Hang on that little monkeys!
Can you believe my glassware….otherwise know as….rarely used things….was in a bottom cupboard without a child lock? The kids were good about not going in it. But I did move the breakables to a high shelf in the pantry. The former breakable cupboard got filled up with snacks and cereal. The kids’ old play cupboard got filled up with pantry goods.
Switcheroo done and Biker Boy now can’t find anything. What fun!

Now you already know my cupboards aren’t fancy schmancy. Plain and functional. They’re just fine for me.  I love my kitchen, plus the cabinet doors stay shut, so no one can see what’s in them. (Unless you’re a cupboard snooper…but I don’t mind.....snoop away in the kitchen and help yourself to any food you find!)

Here’s the Before and Afters:
Before - Kids' Cabinet
During - Breakable/Glassware cabinet
After - now the snack/cereal cabinet
Pantry - Before (left) & After (right)

Any spring-cleaning and rearranging your way? Projects that are going to take you a year?  Drool worthy cupboards or pantry?  Feel free to comment and leave a link to your cupboard crashing if you're a blogger.  Or just say hi, I don't bite.  Unless you have chocolate in your hand. 

Psst…if you visit and drink coffee…I’ve moved the coffee maker and its stuff. Have fun finding it!

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