Monday, April 26, 2010

Homemade Greenhouse

When spring springs, I get excited.  I start planting things.  Then it snows.  Yep, it snowed just a few days ago and then it frosted the next day.  Yikes.  You might recall how I planted a bunch of seeds in my windowsill.  Thankfully I haven't put them in the ground yet, but I have put them outside.  Oh, the horror!

Not really. Biker Boy made me a small greenhouse.  An environmentally responsible greenhouse.  He salvaged an old window pane and wood from some drawers we ripped out of closets out of the BEAST of a house.  (Our old home/previous rental/now for sale house.)  He used those parts to build me a sealed greenhouse.  Maybe he just didn't want a windowsill full of plants.

The plants are flourishing in the greenhouse.  We've since added tomato plants and they're growing like they're in a hot house!  I've got sunflowers, pumpkin, yarrow, and coneflowers now growing.  The poor coreopsis didn't like me starting them.  Oh well, only the hardy survive here.  If they can't survive in little pots, they aren't going to survive in the ground.  I'm now starting Black Eyed Susans in the house too.  "My name is Chrissy....and I have a problem with liking outdoor plants."  I even walked out of Lowes yesterday with 4 plants.  I've really got to stop that.  I have to remember I live in the high desert.  Maybe we'll just call those plants my Mother's Day gift.  Plus, I got an apricot tree.  I'm a glutton for plant punishment. 

And good news, good news!  (A little Dukes of Hazzard there for ya.)  My purple coneflower I started from seed last year and put in the the tiny little seedlings.....are COMING back!  Yippee!

I've learned...pumpkins aren't really happy being started as seeds indoors.  They start off with a bang and then die.  Thankfully 2 of them are surviving in the greenhouse.  The rest of the seeds are going to go directly into the ground and let's hope we get pumpkins in time for Scooter's birthday.  One pumpkin, maybe two, would be nice.  My total last year....ZERO.  But in my defense, it was my first time growing pumpkins in the desert and I did start them way too late.

Any garden yippees or sadness?  Do you have any surefire plants that survive in your area?  Homemade greenhouses?  Favorite plants that don't require a green thumb?  Plant it on me. 

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