Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am not indestructible.

I sometimes wish I were. Probably use to think I was. I’m not.

But these plants are!

It’s an IRIS.

These babies can lay dug up in a tray for a week or more, get transplanted in the ground, not get watered, and still come up green.


I don’t care if they don’t bloom. They add green to the multitude of brownness.

But they are pretty when they bloom. Here’s one that bloomed last year. So pretty.

If you can bum some of these off of a loved one (thank you, thank you) you’ll be saving yourself a lot!

Think these plants can hold a hill of dirt in?

Let’s hope so. We have no immediate plans to stabilize this hill. (We’ve got another house for sale, anyone want to buy it?)
Any indestructible plants that you recommend?  That would work in the high desert?  It's all trial and error here, but I'm loving the iris!  Enjoy!

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