Monday, April 12, 2010

Locked Out

Have you ever locked yourself out of your car?

Yep, I did that this weekend.

Can I make excuses? I was driving Biker Boy’s car, which I’m not use to driving with kids. They were squished in the back of his 1996 Ford Probe and it’s a little cramped getting them out. Scooter misplaced his sunglasses and I set the keys on the front seat (whoops) and proceeded to help children find things and squish their way out of the car.  I'm use to locking my van with the key fob on my keychain.  Biker Boy's car has to be locked.....get pushing the button inside the door. ooooooo. Okay, that’s not a good excuse.  I shouldn't make excuses.  I made a mistake.  Sorry.

So, just as I was shutting the door I realized the keys weren’t in my pocket. Yep. Keys in the car. A locked car.

What to do? Biker Boy had the other set of keys. But he was 3 hours away racing in a 12-hour mountain bike race. Plus he had his phone off. I still called and told him I locked myself and the kids out of the car. I bet he liked to get that message.

Thank goodness for AAA! Woo Hoo! They came to my rescue. The people who answer their phones are always so nice. (It’s not like I call them all the time, this is only the 4th time….1 flat tire, our van has been hit twice, and keys locked in the car.) They told me someone would be there around 5:08. So precise. That was only a half hour away. We spent time in REI and a grassy area.

Double Bonus – I only had one child exclaim, “I’ve got to go potty,” during the ordeal and she was able to hold it till we could use the bathrooms in REI. If things were typical, it would have been poopy pants. But I dealt with that the day before.  Twice.

So at 5:08 I get a call from AAA that a technician was on the way. At 5:09 the technician pulled in the parking lot. Gotta love ‘em! I’d totally recommend being a AAA member. I love AAA. And the fact that they were able to stick a thingy through my minutely opened window and unlock my car. Duh – Why didn’t I think of that?! I could have done that with a stick. Except there weren’t any laying around. I suppose I could have bought a hiking stick in REI, maybe that would have worked? Probably not. Then I’d just look like a fool sticking a hiking pole through a window of a car. I’d probably drop it in the car before hitting the unlock button. Too bad the dog wasn’t in the car, I bet I could have gotten him to push the unlock button. Maybe.

Moral of the story….is there one? Don’t lock your keys in the car. If you do, call AAA.  If you do have to lock your keys in the car, make sure it's a nice day and that there are bathrooms nearby. 

Make me feel better….tell me you’ve locked your keys in the car. Or can you one up me? Do it! Unlock it and tell me.

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  1. Love the post... my dad once locked my 2 year old neice in the car at Target... they had to call the fire department to get her out!!



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