Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Southwest Favorites

What do you love about where you live?  Don't think about what you don't like.  I'll admit, I sometimes can get caught up in that.  Let's just remember what we love about where we live!  Let's remember what we enjoy about where we live!

Did you know I live in the southwest?  I'm an uprooted midwestern transplanted in the southwest.  I think my roots are finally taking hold.

I'll admit I wasn't enchanted the first time I visited this part of the southwest.  I wasn't enchanted when we moved here.  It's brown and dry.  If you come from a lush green area, this place does not make good first impressions.  But it grows on you.  Slowly.  I love it now.  I love where we live and we have no plans to move.  The southwest is beautiful in it's own way.  And it has it's own green in places.

I'm going to share 2 things that helped me realize the southwest has it's own beauty.  You don't have to live in the southwest to appreciate them either.  So don't go running if you don't live here.  You might like them too!
Sunset Magazine and High Country Gardens

I wish I would have discovered this little gem earlier in my move here.  It took a year to find it.  Someone left one lying in the "free" magazine bin at the library.  I pick one up nearly everytime I go, which is once a week.  Some I return to the free bin for others to pick up and most of them get ripped up and put into my "dream files."  Beautiful homes, amazing gardens, yummy food, and fun's a great magazine.

image from
Oh, local plants for our local area!  Drought tolerant and hardy!  And they have an online store where you can order from them too!  All the plants I have gotten from High Country Gardens are thriving and growing.  I can't say the same for the plants I have gotten at....ahem....other places.  Did you know you can grow grass in the high desert?  Yep, we're living proof.  And we're attempting to grow more at this very moment.  (Updates on that later!)

Anything that helps you love the area you live in?  What do you love about where you live?

Share or name one thing you love.  I'll share one with you.  I love waking up and going to sleep with this view out my window:

image taken from my backyard

Now I'm going to go look out my window and get my little ones up.  Enjoy your view!

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