Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Way The Wind Blows

It blows.  Strong.
Really, really, really, really strong.
Knock the kids over strong.
Strong enough to blow the shade tarp off the kids' playset.
Strong enough to blow the solar panel for the shed light off the roof.
Strong enough to blow straw that covers grass seed.
We kissed that straw goodbye.
Twenty dollars blew away in one night.
It's all gone.  All of it.  I'm not kidding.

Note to future self:  Never use straw over grass seed in the spring.  Only in the fall. 

Psst...for our trials and errors in grass planting in the high desert, you can see what we like and don't like here.  Bermuda grass....bad.  Low water and low work fescue seed...good.  Wind....bad.
Grass planting tips for those of us on budget?  I'll take 'em.

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