Monday, May 3, 2010

DIY Faux Capiz Light Cover

Hello to everyone dropping in for the first time to view my capiz chandelier.  I'm happy you're here!

The capiz chandelier is totally fake. Not hard to spot that. It’s actually a faux capiz thing I made out of sequins and then fashioned a frame to cover up a light fixture. Sometimes fake can be good. Sometimes not….hmmm.

Our house came with those standard builder grade cheapo flush mount light fixtures. They’re not bad. Nice looking actually.  You know that some people call them...ah, boob lights.  Yep, not kidding.  But I fixed up my little girl’s room and wanted to give her a pretty light fixture. It’s hard to find a pretty something under $20 to fix up. Even at the thrift stores around here.

So for about $15 smackaroos I went from blah to blah-bling! All while leaving the flush mount mounted to the ceiling. The faux capiz light cover can easily be removed if it’s not wanted someday.  Unlike other things.

I’m pretty happy with the prettiness on the ceiling. So is Chewy. Looking at the pictures, I realize it could use a few more strands on the outer loop. I can do that later. Everything’s a work in progress.

I’ll give you the basics, because well, this wasn’t a KISS project. (Keep It Simple Silly!) It took me awhile. There’s a lot of hot gluing involved. And tying. Not one of my quickest projects. So if you’re interested in more details, email me. I used a capiz chandelier at PBteen for inspiration. I saved a lot over its $129 price tag!

From Hobby Lobby I got sequins in 3 colors, 4 brass loops that I spray painted white, and white pipe cleaners. I also got fish line from Target. I used my trusty decade old glue gun and some jewelry wire I had lying around.

To assemble the frame, I used the light bowl as a guide. I used the pipe cleaners to connect the rings and give it a little support. I then fashioned a little system with clamps I pilfered from Biker Boy’s garage and some stools to make a support so I could fashion the rest of the fancy schmany light thing. I used the jewelry wire to fashion a holder so the light cover would be held to the light bowl. Oh, this so doesn’t make sense in words. Good luck understanding that. It took some mighty engineering skills for me to figure out how to get the frame to stay on the light bowl. Mighty, mighty!

To assemble the fake capiz things, I took 4 sequins and made them into a 4-petal flower. Because Chewy likes flowers and that’s what worked. I tied a knot on a ring with the fish line, slipped the line through the top and bottom holes of the 4-petal flower, put a knot in the fish line at the bottom of the flower, and then continued putting on flowers and tying knots after each one until I was happy….or tired. I put a dot of hot glue at the top knot on the ring and on the bottom knot on the last flower….for good luck….I mean to keep them things on there! Support in the right areas can be a good thing….if you know what I mean.

I staggered the chains of sequined flowers on the rings. I used the same pattern (except for the one time I messed up.) I started with different colors on each ring, alternating with two colors. Such as pink and white on the top ring, pink and blue on the second ring, blue and white on the third ring, and white and pink on the last ring. Got that? And now I realize I need more strands on the outer loop. Oh well.

I then had my tall Biker Boy hang the fixture back up. Then I stood there and admired it and took photos. I loved seeing Chewy’s face the first time she it. She stood in her doorway smiling. I missed getting a picture of that. Whoops.

So that’s my thrifty adventure in covering up a light fixture. On to the next household adventure. Any adventures in lighting to share? Turn it on!

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by! can see how I covered a recessed light with a capiz lampshade here.

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  1. I loooove it! Great job! Thanks for the info and the inspiration!

  2. I think it's great! Looks wonderful in that room.
    Visiting via My Frugal Family Talented Tuesday.

  3. Very crafty- I bet it looks great lit up at night!

    Thank you for sharing with Talented Tuesday- don't forget to check out some of the other links posted for some cool projects!

  4. wow! this turned out awesome!! thanks for sharing how you did it :)

  5. thanks for stopping by a little lovely! love this idea! so creative, i'm trying to figure out what light in my house i can do this with :) thanks for sharing.

  6. That's really a terrific idea to spruce up those ordinary celing mount fixtures. It really adds a touch of personality. I really like it!

  7. This is really cool! I have these lights in my closet and will have to try this to jazz them up. I am over from Talented Tuesday- new follower! :D

  8. Okay since you were laughing about poop for mother's day I think this joke is safe...

    The boob has a lovely new bra!

    Seriously, the light looks adorable.


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