Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give Me A Sign

Good morning once again! Ready for the ups and downs of another day? I hope so! My mommy is coming into town today, so we’re all a little excited around here.

I’m back with another practically free wall décor project. This one I pulled out of the wood scrap pile sitting next to our shed. I got myself some nice aged boards with a lovely grayish brownish aged patina.

These were destined for my bathroom, which has a beachy coastal vibe going on. Cause we miss the water. We once lived in the land of 10,000 lakes and took yearly kayaking trips to the Apostle Islands. No more. We have dirt and mountains now. But we can remember the water.

So I gathered my boards, some words printed off on the computer, and my trusty Mod-Podge. Gotta love that stuff!

I ripped the paper on the edges of the wood.

I applied Mod-Podge to the board and slapped the paper on there. I like the wrinkled look, so I didn’t try smoothing them out. I probably wouldn’t have been able to anyways. Embrace the wrinkles people. You’ve earned them.

I then applied some more layers of Mod-Podge over the whole thing.  Kinda like slathering on a bunch of layers of sunscreen on the kids through out the day.  Maybe I need to use the foam brush on them.  And Mod-Podge dries clear, certain sunscreens don't. 

I repeated with another board and some more words.

Wanna see it finished? Well, you know I’m going to show you. So take a little look, please.

“What’s Little Sand Bay?” you ask. Oh, just a wonderful place to start kayaking from in the Apostle Islands. It’s in Wisconsin. I’ve also got the first picture way above of an old fishery hanging above my bathtub that I took in Little Sand Bay. Ahhh...memories.

“What does ‘The whole island is my bathroom’ mean?” you ask. Oh, what a story! Can I tell it quickly? Biker Boy and I were doing a multi-day trip kayaking from island to island with friends. (Miss those yearly trips…hope a certain couple is enjoying that tandem kayak we use to have!) Well, we got to one island and didn’t have our campsite registration form to remember which campsite was ours. There were probably 3 campsites on the whole island. All next to each other. We pulled up to a campsite and unloaded all our stuff and set everything up. Then a few ladies of a generation or two above us pulled up in their kayaks and informed us we were in their campsite. We apologized and asked if they could trade with us since we had our stuff set up and they could just paddle the short distance to the next campsite. No go. Someone in our group mentioned the next campsite was closer to the pit toilet. We got the reply, “The whole island is my bathroom.” Needless to say, we dragged all our stuff down the beach to the next campsite. Dragged. In the sand.

Biker Boy just chuckled (and probably kindly rolled his eyes) when he saw my “signs” in the bathroom.

There's nothing like free and easy wall decor.  Plus it's meaningful!  Gotta love that!

Any memorable things you have hanging on the wall?  Certain sayings that get repeated once a year and make you chuckle?  Favorite places you've visited that are now hanging on your wall?  Enjoy!

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