Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To Build a Bench....Hint....No Children

Hello All! I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend! Biker Boy and I got spoiled when my parents were here. Plus I’m sure they spoiled the kiddos too. We got a project done, spent a weekend childless (thanks!), and on Sunday we even biked a century on our tandem. (That’s 100 miles of pedaling a bike. Yep. Just call that a training ride for what we have coming up this summer.)

Oh, the project? You wanna know what I did?  Okay, what we did?

I built a bench!  With my own two hands! Woo Hoo!

I have to give a huge shout-out to Ana at Knock-Off Wood. I’m sure you’ve heard of her. I finally tried one of her plans. I’ve been wanting to…..forever. I started simple. A nice easy bench to put by our front door.

With my parents here I carted myself off to the big orange home improvement store…ALONE! I bought a 2x12 and 2x4 that an employee cut for me. (Thank you to the two gentlemen who let me go ahead of them to get my wood cut!) Then I bought some 2x8s and 2x3s from the culled wood, since they’re only 51 cents a piece. So for a grand total of $18 (that includes a few scrap wood pieces leftover) I left the store with wood for a Modern Farmhouse Table Bench.

The plans call for the 2x12 to be cut to 47.5 inches long and I went a little longer at 60 inches. I also used 2x3s instead of 2x2s, because that’s what I could find in the culled wood. It worked just fine for me.  I also used more screws than the plan called for.  Because I liked the drill!

So on a beautiful, childless Saturday morning I set to assembling my bench. I cut the 2x3s and the small 2x4 pieces the day before (with a handsaw) and Biker Boy cut the legs for me (with a portable circular saw). I am sooooooo getting a real miter saw before my next project. And yes, I’m addicted….there will be another project in the future.

With some assistance from Biker Boy, we built the bench together. It was fun! And it really didn’t take very long to build. Plus, I learned a few things:
· Two drills are better than one. Use one for predrilling a hole and one with a drill bit for the screws.
· There’s a handy dandy level on the drill to help keep the screws straight. I did not know that.
· Me likey using the drill.

Biker Boy’s going to be in trouble. I might hog his drills now. I’m so tempted to scrounge around and see what I can put together with the scraps of wood. And we are soooooo going to the store to get that compound miter saw he was supposed to buy for his birthday before the next project. I’ll make sure it gets used!

Now I’ve just got to finish the bench.

Not to mention, I’ve got to go and sweep the front porch.  And how is it that the dog ends up in a majority of the pictures?

Have you tried any of Ana’s plans? Any future woodworking? Any long bike rides?  Enjoy your day!

Update:  My hubby and I designed a simple bench that we use in our house as a "shoe bench."  You can see it in the photo below.  For those plans you can see this post of mine.  Thanks!

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