Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just A Reminder

Did you know May is National Bike MonthYep, it is. 

Do you like to ride bikes?  We like to ride bikes.  (If you didn't know...Biker Boy refers to my guy liking to ride bicycles, not motorcycles.)  Did you know I like to go uphill and not downhill?  I'm just a little strange like that.  Thankfully my kiddos seem to be more fearless than I am.

I want you to protect your head and your little one's heads.  I've got a few Do and Don't reminders for you when it comes to helmets.  But since I'm not the expert, check out the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute for info on anything to do with helmets. 

What to DO when wearing a helmet:

DO adjust the straps correctly and have the Y of the side straps just below the ear.

DO have the chin strap snug.  You should feel it pull down a bit if you open your mouth wide.  Barely be able to fit a finger between the strap and your chin when your mouth is closed.

DO wear the helmet level on your head.  It should be down over your forehead and the front rim should be barely visible to the rider's eye.

What to NOT DO when wearing a helmet:
(Note: Scooter didn't actually bike with his helmet as shown in the pictures.  He was just posing.)

DON'T leave the straps unbuckled.  That doesn't help protect your head and I see way too many kids wearing helmets like that.
DON'T wear the helmet high on your head and leave your forehead exposed.  Protect that forehead. Helmet hair is now "IN." 

A couple of other things:
  • Try on a couple of helmets and get it fit properly.  Check out the Bicycle Helmet Saftey Institute for instructions on fitting a helmet or talk to bike shop employees.  Thankfully helmets today have lots of adjustment to fit a wide variety of heads.  Use those pads and adjust those straps.
  • Don't wear the helmet on the playground.  We don't want anyone to be strangled by their helmet.
  • Don't just wear a helmet on the bike.  Wear it on the skateboard, scooter, motorcycle, skis,  snowboard, and other things where a helmet would be a smart idea.
  • Check to see if your state has a helmet law.  Many states require kids to wear helmets (mine does, though I've never seen it enforced.)
  • Please put a helmet on kids who ride in a trailer.
  • Please set a good example and wear a helmet yourself, even if you go slow.
  • Have fun!  Make it "cool" to wear a helmet! 
Psst...I'm only telling you this because I care.  I'd rather have you say, "Thank goodness she was wearing a helmet" rather than "I wish she had been wearing a helmet."  I know I can say, "Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet!"
That's my family and I above on a bike adventure to a park.  We're all wearing our helmets, except for the dog. 
Do they make helmets for dogs?

Do you have a cool helmet?  Is it time for a new one?  Strap that baby on and go for a ride or skate or whatever you do with a helmet!  And be sure to come back on Monday when I am hosting an awesome giveaway for a gift certificate!  Enjoy!

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