Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday's Giveaway Teaser

Do you have a mini fashionista in your home? Along the lines of a little Suri Cruise? I’ve got one. I don’t know where she gets it from. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. At least she gets me wearing my heels every now and then.

While Suri Cruise may be a mini fashionista with a Perrier budget, I’ve got one with a rainwater budget. Rainwater = Free. My fashionista works with hand-me downs and gifts. (Thanks to all the family and friends who keep my little one looking good!)

It’s nice when the little ones start to dress themselves, but it’s also interesting. When Chewy gets herself dressed in the morning, I’m always waiting to see what she puts on. For 4 days in a row, I took pictures of her combinations.

Join me as my little fashionista gives a fashion show.

Outfit 1: Mix and match day. Jeans with embroidered flowers and a sailor dress put on backwards. The dress use to be my sister’s when she was little. Chewy is also attempting to put on a necklace in the picture.

Outfit 2: The casual look for outdoor play. (I told her to put pants on). She chose some bright colored flowered pants along with a t-shirt from a children’s run she did. She loves her “turkey shirt.”

Outfit 3: The little uptown girl. Chewy loves this dress (thank you Aunt Teacher!). She paired it with a hot pink lined black and white polka dot sweater. She also put on hot pink tights and white sandals. I had to help with the belt.

Outfit 4: The grocery shopping look. A Disney Cinderella Princess dress. What else would you go grocery shopping in!? (Thank you to a certain family for the birthday gift!) Chewy would wear princess dresses almost everyday if I let her. I hang them in her closet, so I have to get them down!

What memorable outfit combinations have you seen on little ones?

Any budding fashion designers out there or creative souls? Any fashion loving mini-fashionistas? If you’re from my era, did you ever play with Fashion Plates when you were little? (*hint, hint, wink, wink*) You’re going to love the giveaway for a gift certificate on Monday. My kiddos and I spent some time this morning designing custom t-shirts and dresses at the sponsor’s site. It was a lot of fun! Hop back here on Monday to check out the giveaway. I’ll also have a great coupon offer for everyone once the giveaway ends. Don’t you love it when everyone wins?

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