Friday, May 7, 2010

Scooter & Chewy Read - Mommy Books

Oh, Mother’s Day! Scribbled notes done at the last minute and a whole day of not cooking. The kids went to Wal-Mart with their dad the other night. To get a gift. A secret gift. (Except I think I know what it is!) And it’s not the 10 bags of steer manure I got 2 years ago. The van didn’t smell the next day when I got into it. Really, I got steer manure for my gardens. And a bunch of rocks. It’s just funny to say I got poop and rocks for Mother’s Day. Any hoo….moving on….

Mother’s Day Books!

There are so many. Here’s just three we’ve been reading this week.

“What Mommies Do Best” by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Lynn Munsigner

Seriously cute! Simple text and lovely graphics. You’ll recognize the illustrator from “Tacky the Penguin.” If you’ve read “Fluffy” by Helen Lester (totally recommend it), look for Fluffy in the book. And Laura Numeroff is of “If You Take A Mouse to the Movies” book fame and others with animals that you give things to or take places. So much fun! This book has a double bonus, turn it over and find “What Daddies Do Best.” A must for your library list if you haven’t read it. You can also find similar books with Aunts/Uncles and Grandmas/Grandpas by Laura Numeroff.

“Just Like You” by Jan Fearnley

Adorable! Can I say that? It’s just adorable. Mama Mouse and her Little Mouse are walking home and observe all the ways that other animals treat their babies in special ways as they go to bed. It just goes to show that all children are special and all mommies have different ways of showing it. If you like “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney, you’ll love this book.

“I Loved You Before You Were Born” by Anne Bowen and illustrated by Greg Shed

This one is for the Grand Mommies. In other words…the grandmothers. It’s what a grandmother dreams about before her grandchild is born. It’s a touching story with beautiful illustrations. Being a mom makes me understand how much my mom actually loves me. Hopefully someday (in about two or three decades) I’ll understand what it means to be a grandma!

Happy Mother's Day to All Women!  Enjoy your weekend!

Hopefully I'll get this linked to Feed Me Books Friday soon.  My internet filter is blocking the site today.  I've sent them a note to request it to be unblocked. 

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  1. I'm glad you prevailed and got linked up! That's funny I got blocked.

    I don't remember having anything questionable on my site:) I think I did use the phrase "I hate" in one of my posts.

    Anyhow, your post makes it so obvious how much you love children's books. Look at you just rattling off authors and titles like a pro.

    Always good to have you!


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