Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bedding Down - A Giveaway Teaser

Good morning! I hope the day is starting off well for you. We’re talking about beds today. Yep, beds. What kind of bed do you have or dream about sleeping in? Platform beds, daybeds, canopy beds, lofts, bunk beds, waterbeds, regular old beds, or what have you?

I’ve never shown you my bed. That is, I’ve never posted it here. I’m happy sleeping anywhere my Biker Boy is. Although, it is nice to sleep in our own bed. It was our first big furniture purchase as a married couple. It only took us about 10 years to get it. It’s just a headboard and a footboard with a box spring and mattress. (I got a discount on the mattress and box spring just for showing my teaching certificate!) Wanna see it?

Oh, now there I go teasing you! Because it’s only looked like this….once. For the picture. It doesn’t look like that now after we slept in it last night. I know, in the past I’ve promised to give you reality checks, show you how things typically look. Let’s get to it! As I type my bed looks something like this:

I’ll rummage through my hard drive to show you the beds of the kiddos. Rummage, rummage, rummage.

You may recall Chewy has a “princess bed.” It’s a hand-me down, nearly 50-year-old canopy bed that she dearly loves. It looks a little something like this:

And yep, there I go teasing you again. Because what three year old can keep her bed looking that neat? Just don’t tell me if yours can. Let me live believing there aren’t any. Her bed is typically not made and covered in a billion books that she takes to bed with her. And now she’s a puzzle fiend and I’m finding puzzle pieces all over her bed. Honestly, that picture below looks better than it normally does.  Just add about 10 more books, two more blankets, a doll or two, and a puzzle.

Scooter….dear, dear Scooter. He’s just got a twin size mattress and box spring on a frame. Not sure if I have a picture…..let me look.  Oh....found one!  It's from when we first moved into this house and got him a real mattress.  The picture below is of him trying his new bed out and that's probably the neatest his room has ever been.  Scooter would like a loft/fort bed for his 6th birthday. Mommy might get the drill out this fall and see what she can do…assuming that stupid house in town sells. Oops…did I say “stupid?” Sorry…I mean that *$#&%* house. Nope, I didn’t mean that either. We’re just praying that house sells. Talk about a lesson in patience.

Back to beds…’re probably asking yourself, “What does all this bed business have to do with a giveaway teaser?” Because people….we’ve all got to sleep. Whether it’s a little or a lot, we’ve all got to do it. And this giveaway is for all of you who sleep. Which means…..there’s something for everyone. From mommies and daddies, to just you and you and you. Anyone who wins (and I wish all of you could) will find something to get. Instead of sleeping, you could spend all that time looking for the perfect item to get. Perhaps a platform bed, some sheets, a pillow? Just teasing….you’re going to love this giveaway. Come back Monday and check it out. There is something for everyone!

Have a great day!  And feel free to let me know.....What's your bed?

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