Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Favorite Fabulous Freebies

Sometimes you can get something for nothing.  Okay, maybe not.  You'll need to sign up for these fabulous offers, so that might take some of your time.  While you're at it...I've got a giveaway going on for a $70 CSN Stores gift card until June 11.  Find it here

These are the ice cream to my cone, the bee to my flower, the coffee to my donut.  Mmm...donuts.  Crispy bacon and donuts would be my perfect breakfast or meal.  I diverge...

Check out some of my favorite freebies: (click on the name to take you to the website)

Dunkin' Perks from Dunkin' Donuts
You get a free medium beverage for enrolling and another free one for your birthday.  Not bad.  I like donuts, but we only visit when the kids have doctor appointments or Grandma comes to town.  Is it ironic I take the kids for donuts after their check-ups? creme donut. 

Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club
You get a coupon for a free ice cream creation when your birthday rolls around.  You get about a week to use it.  Considering two of us in this family have birthdays within 4 days of each other, we take a special trip to town to get two free ice creams. 

Toys R Us Birthday Club
This isn't exactly for me.  It's for the kids.  They get sent a $3 coupon for $3 off any purchase.  We take the kids and have them look for something around $3.  For Scooter, that's usually a couple of Hot Wheels.  Why don't they make a collection of less than $1 toys for girls?

Home Depot Garden Club
If you like to garden or if you like to try, this is for you.  You'll get emails every once in awhile with some coupons.  I'm partial to the Buy One, Get One offers.  I've seen buy one, get one free for trees, orchids, indoor plants and outdoor plants.  Good stuff!

Vocal Point
Vocal Points says its, "A community for women that provides valuable and interesting insights about new products, surveys, daily tips, articles, and coupon/samples."  You get some great products to try and some high level coupons.  You've just got to do a short survey every now and then to keep getting the free products.  Plus you're helping by giving your opinion on certain products and what works for you. 

I've been doing Swagbucks for about a year and it's super easy.  I've gotten a few Amazon gift cards just for searching the web through Swagbucks.  Basically, Swagbucks helps you earn digital dollars to use towards a variety of mercandise.  There are a number of ways to earn Swagbucks, but I just take the easy route.  I bookmark Swagbucks and just search with it about twice a day and earn a few Swagbucks.  You can download a tool bar to get more codes, do daily polls, and some other things to earn more Swagbucks.  As I said, I just search a couple of times and usually get some Swagbucks.  Super easy, free, and you can get some great stuff.  I'm partial to the Amazon gift cards.  Give it a try.  The icon below is my referral link.  If you do sign up through me, I'll get a few Swagbucks and I'll thank you over and over!  You can also use the code SUMMEROFSWAG (must be capitals) when signing up to get some extra points.  I think it might be somewhere in the range of 20-50 points, but you have to do it by midnight on Friday, June 11.   

Search & Win

What are your favorite fabulous freebies that you find yourself coming back to?  Any to share? 

*Just so you know, I wasn't compensated in any way to post these.  They're just some of my favorites.  I will get some swagbucks if you sign up through my referral link above.  Thanks so much!


  1. Actually, you'll keep getting stuff from Vocalpoint whether you submit feedback or not. As long as your membership remains active, you're eligible for every program they run. And to keep your membership active, you just sign in! So easy!

    The trick is, though, lots of samples are only available when you register for the giveaway. Since their programs are a little different every month, you can only really count on getting stuff in your mailbox regularly if you're checking the site for those giveaways.

  2. Thanks for the info Luna! That's great to know!


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