Monday, June 14, 2010

More Easy & Thrifty Birthday Gifts

I’m back with some more easy and thrifty birthday gifts for the young crowd. These ones are veering more in the direction of the young boys, but hey….they’d work for girls too.

If you’ve got bazillions of birthday parties and little friends with birthdays, it helps to have a mental stash or a real stash of thrifty birthday items. And just because I give thrifty birthday gifts….it doesn’t mean I think any less of your child. Actually, these gifts probably take more time and thought….so I think the world of your child. Plus, I'm paying two mortgages right now.  Anyone want to buy a house?

Example Number 1 – The Hot Wheel Fanatic

You gotta love the dollar bin at Target! Pick up one of those $1 buckets and pick out a few Hot Wheels while you’re at it. (Scooter loves to pick out cars for other kids!) Also get some chalk, a big box of it for 98 cents. At home paint your bucket with a coat of primer and 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint. When it’s good and dry, write the birthday child’s name on one side and “Happy Birthday” on the other. Attach a few pieces of unused chalk with ribbon, stuff with tissue paper and cars, and you’re set to give! Total cost: Less than $5.

Example Number 2 – The Painting Child

This is the less messy painting… the mommy doesn’t get stuck doing all the clean up. Get a few of the “Paint With Water” painting books. They have Little People ones at Target for 89 cents a book. Find them in the Music/Movie/Book aisle. They’re usually with the other coloring/painting/activity books. Dig deep, really deep. Sometimes they can be hard to find. Pair the books with a paintbrush or two. You can even give some Little People figures….if the kid is into that. Hey, you could even stick these in a chalkboard painted bucket! Total cost: Less than $5.

Example Number 3 – Raid the Closet

This involves planning and a little luck. Whenever I’m at Target I stalk the toy aisle for clearance toys. Honestly….if my kids are behaving, they get rewarded with a trip to look at the toys. Then I get to look at the toys. Sometimes we come away with some really great clearance items that I stash in a box in my closet. The kids must approve the toy, the toy has be $7 or less, and the toy must be substantially discounted. I’ve scored Thomas the Train sets this way and some great baby toys. Plus, I’ve stocked up on Hot Wheels cars when they were on sale! That box of gifts in the closet has come in handy! And yes, that’s a $23 toy I got for less than $6. Someone will be getting that!

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Now spill the presents….what do you like to give the little friends in your life?

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