Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not All Dogs Can Swim

Whew! Hello everyone! How are you doing? Have I missed anything? I’ve been disconnected and unplugged for a while, other than 1 quick check into my blog email. Biker Boy and I ventured out on the 2010 Bicycle Tour of Colorado. The kids trailed along with Biker Boy’s parents in their 5th wheel trailer. It was a fun vacation, but more on that later.

Remember Ranger, our beloved little terrier that we adopted last fall from the shelter?

We always wondered whether he could swim. Living in a dry environment it’s hard to find deep enough water for him to swim in. The kids’ pool isn’t quite deep enough. We found out on vacation. The dog can’t swim.

Perhaps I should have titled this post: How To Wreck Your Camera.

Biker Boy, his dad, the kids, and Ranger ventured out on a paddleboat ride one afternoon when we had a day off of biking. (Mom-in-law and I were enjoying some soaking time in the hot springs!) Scooter and Ranger took the back seats of the paddleboat. Biker Boy reported that the next thing he knew the dog jumped far into the murky dirty pond. He watched as Ranger went under and didn’t come back up. Then finally Ranger’s snout emerged and his little front paws were paddling like crazy. Ranger was vertical in the water and struggling to stay up, so Biker Boy used his life guarding skills and jumped in after the sinking dog. He forgot the camera was in his pocket until he jumped in. He got it out as quick as he could, but it’s not useful right now. Biker Boy thinks he can repair it, but we’re without a camera for a bit. We can recover our pictures from the memory card, but I’ve got to wait for Biker Boy to help me on that with his helmet cam. I may be picture less here for a bit. Bummer.

As far as the dog….he’s alive. But he can’t swim. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke thing and that Biker Boy jumped in too early to save him, they tried to make the dog swim in the shallow water. Nope….he can’t swim. The dog needs a life jacket.

Lifeguard classes: $200
Camera: $140
Dog adoption: $40
Paddleboat rental: $3
Rescuing dog from drowning: Priceless and maybe the cost of a new camera (if Biker Boy can’t fix it).

Wish I could have seen it, but then maybe the camera wouldn’t have been wrecked. I would have been taking pictures of the whole scene.

Know any dogs that can’t swim?  Stories to share? Tips on fixing a wet camera? Here’s hoping you stay above water today!

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  1. Yep, our basset can't swim either, his legs are too short! He would be doing good if he could paddle with his ears, they are long enough. :D

    I am glad that your pup is OK!


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