Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pillow Barking

Are you shaking your head at me with that title? Go ahead. I’m floundering around in my hard drive looking for things to post with pictures. I hate to leave you with a picture less post, but I may come to that with a camera wrecking dog that can’t swim.

Speaking of the dog that can’t swim…..that’s the topic of the day. “What?” you say. Dog beds, people, I’m talking about dog beds. Where does your pooch or your kitty sleep? Let’s get to some pillow talk or in a dog’s case, pillow bark.

Ranger Danger would love to sleep in bed with us. He got to on vacation and loved every sleeping minute of it. He would start under the covers at our feet and throughout the night would migrate up to our heads, until in the morning he was snuggling face to face with us. I’ll take my hubby’s kisses over the dog’s, thank you. Our fiercely mean and 12-year-old kitty gets the rights to the master bed at home. The master bedroom is gated off so the dog can’t even come in. It’s totally his fault, all cause he eats cat food and cat poop. Thus, all the cat's stuff is now in the master bathroom and the cat gets the bed. Poor puppy.

Ranger’s preferred nighttime place to sleep is the Ektorp loveseat. Yes, my white couch. We put a blanket over it for him, he gets on and then we tent him in with another blanket. Ranger likes to sleep under the blankets and he’s got his own nighttime tucking in routine, just like the kids. When visitors come (hi mom and dad), the dog somehow worms his way into sleeping in bed with them. Good thing he’s small.

The daytime napping spot is a pillow. A standard cheapo pillow from Target. I left it lying out on the floor once after guests left and Ranger claimed it as his own. I let him keep it; I don’t think the guests want a pillow covered with dog hair. (Maybe I better wash it!) Sometimes Ranger sleeps on the pillow under the easel where I put it; other times he drags it to where he wants it. Sometimes he thrashes it around like it’s vermin he hunted and is trying to kill. It's in his genes to kill vermin.  He's already killed two lizards in our backyard, except I like lizards....they eat bugs.

I haven’t even cut the tags off the pillow yet. I have washed it, at one time. I could make a cover for it, but Ranger seems to like it the way it is. Doggie happy, humans happy, kitty….ah, the kitty is rarely happy.

So…wanna get in on some pillow barking….where do your pets sleep?

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