Friday, June 4, 2010

Scooter & Chewy Read - Hiking

Take a hike! No, no, no….don’t leave. Pretty Please. I didn’t mean “Take A Hike” as in leave. I mean, do you like to hike? Or at least….can you read about hiking?

Hiking is one of our family activities. From hiking in the snow to hiking in the dry weather, it gets us out together.

Let’s take a hike down the library lane and look at a few of Scooter and Chewy’s favorite hiking books.

“The Berenstain Bears Blaze A Trail” by Stan & Jan Berenstain

You can’t go wrong with a Berenstain Bear book. We have this one at home and it’s a favorite to read. When you’ve got Papa Bear with you on a hike, watch out! And be sure you don’t eat his trail food, I’ll take my granola bar any day. Yum! Our kids will hike for a granola bar!

“Pig Picnic” by Patricia Hubbell and illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott

This is easy reader book with short sentences and rhyming text. The kids will soon be reciting it to you. It’s cute and quirky with adorable illustrations. You gotta love pig books! Especially pigs that take hikes with cupcakes and pie! Yum!

“Who Pooped on the Colorado Plateau? Scat and Tracks for Kids” by Gary D. Robson and illustrated by Robert Rath

There are other books in the “Who Pooped In The Park?” series. This just happens to be the one that we have. And you know I can’t go four posts without mentioning poop. We may be diaper free (finally), but that doesn’t mean we’re poop free here. Yesterday the dog brought me coyote scat from our yard with lots of bunny hair in it. He tried to eat it. Not yum! Biker Boy dealt with a poopy child on our Sunday hike and I dealt with one on Wednesday. You wanna talk about who pooped? It’s probably my kids. Back to the book….this book is about a family taking a hike and identifying different scat and tracks. It gives you “the straight poop” on well, poop. There is a handy guide at the end to help you identify tracks and scat from common animals of the area. Yep, it even helped us identify mountain lion prints on Sunday. Fun times. A much recommended book if you’re visiting any National Parks….look for one that covers where you’re visiting.

Let me know if you have a favorite hiking book.  Or how about a favorite hiking spot?  I'd love to hear about it.  We're always up for adding great hiking spots to our list of "someday things."  We've got our favorite hiking spots around home.

Have a great weekend and please be sure to come back Monday for an awesome giveaway that everyone will love.  You can find the giveaway teaser here

Now go take a hike.  And I mean that in the nicest way possible. 

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  1. Oh I love hiking too but I can't seem to convince my family members of it so I don't go to often.

    Now the poop book definitely makes me curious and giggle and.. oh boy you are funny!

    I'm tweeting this one!

  2. Great books for summer. Those "pooped in the park" books are really quite informative - I just wish they had a different title. The librarian always gives me a funny look, when I check them out :)

  3. Great books! My kids loved Berenstain Bear books when they were younger. I loved that they have such a wide range of topics that kids can relate to. I must confess I've not heard of Who Pooped, but it sound just like something my youngest would be interested in. He loves that kind of stuff!

    We just returned from hiking at an AR state park on Monday. Had a great family time. Looks like you've got some great hiking places available. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It was encouraging!


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