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Scooter & Chewy Review - Grow With Me High Chairs

It's been awhile since our last Scooter & Chewy review.  You know you can always trust the opinions of a 5-year-old and 3-year-old.  I mean these are kids who will come out of their bedroom at nighttime and say, "I forgot something."  When you ask them what they forgot, they reply, "Something."

This time we're reviewing those adjustable high chairs that can grow with a child from infant up to adult (depending on their weight). 

It's the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair vs. the Primo Deluxe Easy Chair

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On the left we have the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair in Natural.  It's an awarding winning highchair that is available in 11 colors and has a wide range of accessories.  The chair is designed to provide ergonomic support for your child when seated at a table.  The seat height and footrest height are easily adaptable and adjustable to help your child sit comfortably at all times.  It's constructed of sturdy European beech and meets many international safety standards.  It is intended to seat your child from six months up to 300 pounds.  Pricing in at $244 on Amazon, it's the more expensive of the two highchairs. 

On the right we have the Primo Deluxe Easy Chair in Natural Birch wood color.   Natural is the only color that it comes in.  A cotton covered seat and back cushion are included, along with a restraint bar and leather strap.  The seat and footrest slides are adjustable to help your child be at a comfortable eating height at the table.  It's constructed of high quality, natural color structurally cold molded birch wood.  The chair is intended to seat your child from 18 months up to 150 pounds.  Pricing in at $104 on Amazon, two of these could take on the Tripp Trapp.

Okay, we have the contenders.  Let's see what the kids and the mommy think, cause that's what you're waiting for, right?  Hey, even Biker Boy chimed in this time. 

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Scooter: I like the seat and footrest.  I can sit at the table.
Mommy Review:  We have owned this chair for 2 and half years. We received it as a gift when Scooter turned 3.  I attempted to assemble it myself when it arrived at our house and ended up having to have my Biker Boy help me get it together.  It's sturdy and easy to adjust; yet I leave the adjusting to Biker Boy.  Guests sit on the chair with out a problem and it's easy to wipe clean.  We've never used the restraining system on it, though you can threaten/tease the children with it.  "Sit still or I'll find the strap and strap you in your chair."  Bottom line...We all love this chair and can't find any negative points about it.  Love it! 

Primo Deluxe Easy Chair

Chewy:  I like my chair.  I get to sit in it because I'm growing up.
Mommy Review: We have owned this chair not quite a year.  We bought it on our own when Chewy was two.  I didn't even attempt to assemble it myself after reading the reviews on it.  Biker Boy, my engineering man, assembled it.  He reported it was easy to assemble, but you can't gorilla wrench the screws in or they won't grab.  It took some fine handling to get the chair to be level...and's still not level; it has a fine rock to it.  The chair is sturdy and Chewy hasn't flipped it yet.   Biker Boy has adjusted the height once already and reported it as just need to be careful with the screws.  It cleans up fairly well, but there is already one small chip in the wood. 
Biker Boy Review:  "This chair is a piece of junk.  No, I wouldn't go that far.  It's cheaper than the Tripp Trapp and not good quality.  The wood is warped, which makes it difficult to get the black rods where they're suppose to go.  The screws don't go in correctly and seat where they're suppose to.  It rocks, but Chewy hasn't flipped it yet.  It's a good thing she doesn't weigh much.  This thing is probably going in the trash when we're done with it. We'll keep the Tripp Trapp as a desk chair.  The Primo is like a spring loaded mechanism, and you can quote me on that." 

The Comparison wanna know how these wooden babies would fair in a fight in the ring?  It's a toss-up actually.  I think it really depends on how much money you want to spend.  Here's the's like comparing the name brand to the wanna-be.  Or something like that.  The name brand is more costly, but sometimes you go with the wanna-be....and then wish you went with the name brand.

The Tripp Trapp is by far superior, but you could probably guess that with its high cost.  I've got furniture that costs less than that chair.  It's much sturdier than the Primo and the finish is far superior.  It's a rash less baby bottom smooth and wipes clean so easily.  The Tripp Trapp will probably become a desk chair for Scooter at some point and then will hopefully be used for grandchildren one day.  The Primo is trying hard to be the classic at less of a cost.  It's obviously of a cheaper quality, but you could get 2 of these chairs and still be ahead of what the Tripp Trapp costs.  The chair rocks, but our light weight child hasn't flipped it or tipped it yet.  The finish is more of your goose pimpled-bottomed feel and doesn't wipe as easily.  We will not be keeping this chair.  We do think it will last as long as Chewy needs it to boost her up at the table, but if we did need to purchase a replacement at some point (we doubt it)....we'll still be money ahead of one Tripp Trapp.  We have not used the restraining system, nor have we used the cotton no opinions on those.  Seriously...the cotton cushions would be stained to death by now.  One less thing to put in the washing machine is fine with me.
Kids in their chairs for the first time.

How to choose between the Tripp Trapp and Primo Deluxe:
If you don't worry about how much money you're spending....get the Tripp Trapp.  Or register for it.  Or have a generous relative buy you one (thank you to ours!).  If you're thrifty like us....even $100 is a lot to fork over...get the Primo Deluxe.  These chairs are long-term investments and suppose to be used for a while.  My advice...totally forget a traditional high chair.  Just use one of these grow with me chairs.  If you need an in between solution....get a small portable booster chair, not a huge honking high chair that takes up a lot of real estate space.

If you're after a certain style....that might make a difference.  The Tripp Trapp has a more modern feel to me.  It's got straight lines and angles.  The Primo has a more decidedly rounded angular form.  It felt more "feminine" to Biker Boy and he liked it for Chewy.  With two different chairs...our kids are never fighting over which one is theirs. 

So obviously, it doesn't sound like I'm much help.  We'd recommend both chairs, the Primo with a little hesitation because of warpage.  Okay, maybe we wouldn't come right out and recommend the Primo, we'd tell you what we don't like about it and let you decide for yourself.  If I had to choose one, I'd of course choose the Tripp Trapp.  It's of higher quality...but when it came to buying one myself...we bought the Primo.

Opinions?  What do you think of these kind of chairs?  Do you own one?  What do you like and dislike about it?  Dish it out.

I was not compensated for this post in any way.  I just want to give other parents our honest opinions of the products we own. 


  1. This was very interesting! I have always wondered about the Stokke- it is nice to hear that the quality is there, since it is so pricey!

    What we are using right now is a restaurant-style wooden high chair. It is stained to match our cabinets in our kitchen and actually looks pretty nice! I agree about the cushions and how nasty they get, that is why we went with the restaurant style. :D

  2. Really can't see how it works and why they should cost 5-10 TIMES as much as a "normal" high chair. Are their feet supposed to be trapped by that bar?

  3. I don't understand why they cost so much either. We got the Stokke as a gift and it is much better than the cheaper version. We'll probably be keeping that one for a lifetime. We did have a conventional highchair and I was never fond of it, it's long gone now. I wish I would have gotten a small portable booster instead of a big plastic high chair.

    And the bars are in the back of the grow with me chairs, so the kids' feet aren't caught by it. I do like the position of the Stokke bar better than the cheaper version. It's farther back so you can't get feet behind it. We've never had the chairs flip and my kiddos are quite the movers. We didn't start our kids in these until they were out of a conventional baby high chair and they are still in these chairs (they're now 7 and almost 5). I have even sat at these chairs before at our table. They are an investment.


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