Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank You To You

Thank you! I just want to say a BIG thank you to my family, friends, followers, and people peeking into this little ol’ blog of mine.

I started blogging for a little “me” time. It’s still a hobby and my “me” time. I’m the kind of person, who tends to sit in the back row and be really quiet, that is until you get to know me or get some caffeine in me. So this blog gives me an outlet to let all that fluff and stuff in my head come on out in words. And pictures. And lots of stuff about kid’s pooping.

Thank you to those of you who have emailed or commented. I’ve gotten some truly good ideas from all of you. And thank you to those of you quietly observing in the background. That’s what I tend to do too.

I don’t normally read the statistics on who’s venturing their way here. I look at my Google Analytics about once a month. It surprises me every time. I have to give a big HELLO and THANKS to all of you popping in from all over the world. Hello to those of you in Canada, Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Germany! Also a hello to those peeking in from India, Israel, Malaysia, Ireland, Pakistan, Fiji, Belgium, Trinidad, and Venezuela. I know I haven’t named all the countries here….so hello to you too!

This blog will continue to be whatever pops out of my head. Bacon. Chocolate. Kid’s poop. Reality checks. Failed décor attempts. Life in general. I’m honored and humbled that you all are peeking in on my works in progress. Let me know via email or comments if there’s something more you’d like to see on this little ol’ blog. I can’t promise you anything though; I’ve still got a hubby and kiddos to take care of first.

And I shall not forget the followers of this here blog. Thank you followers! I’m astonished and amazed when I see of a new one of you added. You rock!
If you tend to read this blog, you know I can babble on and on and on with my typing/writing/things in my head. Whew. I’d better stop. I’ll just leave you with a huge….

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