Friday, June 18, 2010

This Is My Mini-Me

Biker Boy and I each have a Mini-Me.  Or at least, that's what we like to say.  I guess we can say it if others say it.  We have a Mini-Me in looks, not in personality.  We don't have nearly as many tantrums as the Mini-Me's (that we'll admit to)! Can you tell which child is my Mini-Me and which one is Biker Boy's?  For one million dollars?  (Name that movie.)  Mini-Me Hint: Take a look at that hair color.

Do you ever debate if your child looks more like mommy or daddy?  Do you ever debate whether you look more like your mommy or daddy?  Or neither?  Well, debate no more....or continue that debate, along with some laughs by using and trying out their Look-alike Meter

This cool and totally free face recognition technology will help determine resemblance.  I played around with it the other day to see what it came up with for Scooter and Chewy.  (I had childless moments with grandparents visiting!  Woo Hoo!)  I did it twice with each child.  I did it once using the pretty photo from above and another time using "candid" moments where we weren't looking our best.  Let's take a look at the results:

Candid Photo - Not Looking Our Best  (AKA...Everyday Look)

So when we're just playing around and hanging out, Chewy looks like me and Scooter looks like Biker Boy.  I'll believe that.  I think.  You do know I wear high heels every where and don't go out in public without makeup on?  If you know know I'm totally kidding.  Okay?  Okay.
Pretty Photo - All Dolled Up

When we're all dolled up and have some place to go, the boy looks a lot like me.  Chewy is equal.  Well, she obviously did not get those cheeks from me.  I just want to kiss and squeeze those scrumptious cheeks!  On both my girl and my hubby!  Maybe some different cheeks on my hubby though. 

Head on over to and give the Look-alike Meter a try.  You'll have fun!  It'd be a great thing to do when you've got family visiting!  You can even try out the Celebrity Collage to see which celebrities you look like.  Now that is good for a laugh.  I won't even attempt to publish my results from that to save you from any embarrassing snorts that may lead to more embarrassing sounds.  The sounds are totally okay if you're alone....or with your spouse.  But still, I'll spare ya. 

It is free to sign up at MyHeritage and they promise no spam.  I always use a junk email address when I sign up for things.  You can bypass all the "special offers" and get right to business finding out who looks like who.  Give it a try.  My Heritage offers free genealogy software for the building of online genealogy trees.

Now....who do your kids look like?  Or who do you look like?  What does the Look-alike Meter say for you?  I'd love to hear if you gave it a try.  I'd even like to hear your celebrity matches, I promise not to make any embarrassing noises.  Maybe just a giggle or two.  Enjoy!

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