Thursday, July 22, 2010

Decorating Tips For Life With Young Kids

Time to bring back the funny, the snorts, the laughter, and even the eye-rolling.  Whatever floats your boat!

Decorating Tips for Life With Young Kids or How to Spend Less Time Cleaning

Decorate your main living area in primary or pastel colors.  Then the brightly colored plastic objects will look like accessories, rather than toys.

A big plastic wading pool under the kids' dining chairs is a must to catch dropped crumbs if you don't have a dog.  When meal time is over, just take the pool and the kids outside and hose them off.  There are a variety of pool colors to pick from.  They'll even match your "accessories."  A pool with a slide adds even more architectural interest.

You no longer need a stereo as every other toy will play a rousing rendition of "Wheels on the Bus," "The ABC Song," or "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."  You can tune into everything from classical, to western, to rock, and everything in between.

Whiteboard and chalkboard paint on the walls makes your children's penchant for writing on the walls part of the decor.  Make it at least chair rail height.

Slipcovers and a good stain fighting detergent, I think that covers it.  Lots of bleach if they're white.  You can't avoid all cleaning.  Yet, you can put it off if you just throw a sheet over the couch.

Invest in anything that can be hosed off.....highchairs, potties, playpens, exersaucers and kids.  Aim and spray.  Save time by giving yourself a shower while you're at it. 

Basket and bins to match your decor (primary or pastel colored?), but small enough for little hands.  Have kids throw things in when they're done playing.  Just don't expect them to sort unless you have time to make tags with pictures.  Even then, don't expect them to sort. 

Hooks.  Everywhere.  Avoid folding laundry that way and you may be able to get things off the floor if you can get the kids to use the hooks.  Just don't forget to put the hooks at kid height.

Frame children's book pages and hang them up.  Tell the kids to go look at the "art" when you've lost your voice from reading too many books.  Book reading and art all in one!

Cover the refrigerator in all those art projects, then you can't see the fingerprints.  If you've got stainless steel, find some way to hang them other than with magnets.  Maybe art will just stick to the sticky stuff on the fridge.

Frosted window panes that look like finger smudges are a good idea at child level.  What finger smudges?  Wait another week to clean the windows.  Or just say you have frosted window panes.

Embrace unbreakable dishes, cups, silverware.  Retire the glassware for awhile.  So many color options and choices for unbreakable things these days.  Stainless steel anyone?

Vinyl plastic table cloths come in handy for many things other than covering a table.  Wipe clean or spray down.  Winnie-The-Pooh is a favorite design in our house. 

Pipe insulation or swim noodles sliced open make a great addition to that coffee or console table with sharp edges.  Protect the kids' heads and body parts while expressing yourself in a variety of primary, neon, and pastel colors.  You can even match them to your "accessories."  (Yep, that's pipe insulation around a glass table top in the picture below, if you can see past the kid in the diaper.)

Flooring and counter tops that are made to look dirty are a great invention.  Play with the kids more, spend less time cleaning.  What crumbs on the counter?  That's not dirt on the floor....that's just how it looks.

Yellow bathrooms (toilet included) for those with preschool boys.  If getting everything yellow isn't an option, just let the boys go outside.  They like to do that anyways.

Now embrace reality and love the home you live in regardless of how it looks.  This isn't an all-inclusive what tips can you add?


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