Friday, July 30, 2010

Quickie Sticker Art

It's a quickie post today.  Gotta give ya something, but not use too much of my time.  Graduate credits to keep my teaching license up are stumping me and requiring a bunch of time.  Yep.  Back to the books.  Once I figure out where to register.

Quickie Art.  Quick.  Simple.  Cheap.  Temporary.

Scooter had some holes in his wall that we needed to cover up.  Two 50% off cheapo frames, two 50% off colored thingies (matting!), and two sheets of 50% off stickers that Scooter chose.  All from Hobby LobbyLove Hobby Lobby. *heart*

Scooter and I placed the stickers on some white computer paper, placed the paper in a frame, and hung up.  Wah Lah.  Quick Art. 

That's one not so great picture of one of the frames I had stashed in my hard drive.  The other frame is of hot rod cars, but you'll just have to believe me on that.  I'm not going to get off my duff to go take one.  Too much time.  Plus the kids are having quiet/nap time. 

So....what kind of stickers would you pick?  Flowers, modern graphics, princesses, frogs, dinosaurs, shells, hearts, rainbows, or what have you?  Quickie art of your own to share?  Enjoy the weekend!

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