Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rockin' It

How do you display your house number?

Are you rockin' a custom designed number?  Premade numbers from a big box store?  Vinyl numbers on your door?  Whatever came with your home?

We're rocking it with a rock. 

Yep, a rock.  These nifty rocks were left right by our driveway when we moved in.  Very convenient.  Being that there were not any numbers on our house and the fact that you can't see our house real well from the road, I came up with the bright idea to put the number on that big ol' rock that we weren't going to move. 

Viola! We picked up the cheapest numbers we could find at one of those big home improvement stores.  (I think it was the blue one this time.)  Biker Boy drilled them into the rock.  Big strong man!  Love him!  And we had house numbers by the road!  (The dog is in the picture below for size comparison.  I totally planned that.)

On a side and safety note: Be sure your house numbers are visible for first responders.  Can they see them from the road?  We've learned (unfortunately) that we should probably put out some reflective numbers in addition to our rock numbers.  We live in a semi-rural area without street lights.  The reflective numbers will let the first responders see our house number when their lights shine on them in the dark.  Or Biker Boy just runs up and throws a flash light on the rock.  Been there....done that.  Don't want to do that again.

I've got to add reflective numbers to our list of things to get and do.  *sigh*

So....what are you rocking?  Any spiffy ways to showcase your house number?  Favorite fonts?  Easy house number to remember?

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