Monday, July 26, 2010

Stickin' To The Wood

Hello Everyone!  Thanks for stopping by again!  I'm so happy you're here!  Did you make it through the weekend?  We enjoyed an unusually wet weekend and it's been raining all day today.  Not typical.  It's usually dry.  Our water barrels are again full and we've filled up every bucket and bin we have from the overflow.  Too bad we don't have more rain barrels.  And yes.....we played in the rain and mud!

On to the topic of today: More wood art!

I've had a thing for homemade wood art lately.  Yep.

Remember those wooden signs I made for my bathroom?

Then there was the wooden initial art I made?  Thanks a bunch to the talented Collen at Mural Maker & More for mentioning my initial art here.

Well, I've now made another wooden art sign, similar to the initial art to hang in my entry.

The method I used to make this art is very similar to the method I used for the initial art.  (Find the directions here.)  Except....I used my Cricut to cut out the letters and numbers on full sheet labels, rather than printing them out on the computer and cutting them.  It saved me a little time.  Not exactly the fonts I was going for, but it works. 

The sign represents when we moved into our home.  Did you catch that? 

I'm happy with it.  Now I've just got to make/find a console table to put under the niche and get a bin of some sort for guests to store their shoes.  And I also want to repaint that vase.  And probably a few other things.  It's all a work in always.

Ohhhhh....I've got another little entry way project that I'm totally stoked about going on (once part of it arrives in the mail).  Yet another piece of "art."  Totally doable for anyone and totally personalized and totally frugal!  Kids will love it, adults will love, you'll love it!  But you'll just have to wait...a month or two or three till I can get it done and posted.  I've got a kid to get ready for kindergarten in less than a month.  I mean...I've got to get myself ready to send a kid off to kindergarten.  *sniff*  Time to go play dinosaurs!  *sniff*

So.....what's hanging on your walls that you've made?  Don't leave me hanging!

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