Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tents and Tea Parties

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

Did have a good weekend?  Any fun on the menu? 

We canceled a camping trip because of rain, but still managed to get in lots of fun.  We went hiking, camped in the backyard, made hot dogs and smores, went mini golfing, took Scooter go-karting for the first time, played in the wading pool, and just had fun being together.  I'll also mention there was a lack of sleep.

All that good clean fun brings me to the topic of the day:

What are some easy and fairly simple things you do to entertain children?

This weekend we employed Tea Parties and Tents.

A princess tea party set was brought out and we used real *gasp* food with it.  Iced tea and crackers!  Yum!  It kept the kids entertained for awhile.  A little towel used as a table cloth caught all the drips and spills as the kids poured their own tea. 

I was able to get the pile of dishes under control as the children poured tea for themselves.  Amazing!  I even had a cup of tea with the kids!

The tent was put up for us to camp in the backyard, but has stayed up for two days because it thoroughly entertains the kids.  They love to go in the tent and jump on the air mattress.  The dog even goes in with them sometimes.  The whole camping in the backyard thing is overrated for parents.  The kids get a kick out of it and the parents get a lack of sleep. 

Wanna know how our night of camping on the Fourth went?  Here's a little timeline:
8:15pm - Throw the kids in tent past their bedtime and hope they go to sleep.  We hear lots of giggles.
8:30pm - Give Scooter some puffs of his inhaler because of an asthma cough.
8:45pm - Threaten children to go to sleep or we'll put them in their own beds.
10:00pm - We go to bed.  Chewy is still awake.  Scooter is sound asleep.
10:30pm - Neighbors doing fire crackers make the dog bark. Cat meows constantly.
11:00pm - Chewy needs a tissue.  Cat still meowing.
11:30pm - Chewy needs to go potty.  I take her out in the yard to fertilize a corner. Stupid cat is still meowing in the open window.
12:00am - Biker Boy heads in to our real bed due to bad allergies and the fact that he needs to get up earlier than the rest of us.  Cat stops meowing.  Dog goes in too.
1:00am - Chewy needs a tissue.
2:30am - Chewy has a bloody nose.
2:35am - Chewy has to go potty again.  This time she wants the real potty.  Then she wants to sleep in her real bed.
2:45am - Let the dog out after he rings his bell.  Tell Biker Boy that Chewy is inside.
2:50am - Dog won't come in.  I find him in the tent in Biker Boy's sleeping bag.
3:00am - Stupid wind keeps blowing the rain fly on the tent.
3:30am - Coyotes howl and yip.  Neighborhood dogs join in, except mine.  Ranger's cowering in a sleeping bag.
4:00am - I think I finally fall asleep. 
6:30am - Dog barks when Biker Boy is getting ready to leave for a mountain bike ride.
7:30am - I can't lay in the tent anymore.  I leave Scooter and head in to check on Chewy.
8:00am - COFFEE!

So tell me....what are some easy and simple things that you do to keep children occupied and entertained? 

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  1. Argh! That sounds like misery! But kudos to you for letting your kids camp outside. I don't know if I would be that brave. We have been passing the time this summer at

    -the library
    -dollar movie
    -kids eat free Tuesdays @ Dennys



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