Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trailing After The Bandwagon

I can't say that I'm ever first to jump on a bandwagon or the one to start it.  Hey, maybe I have started a bandwagon, but I don't know about it!  I'm usually the one trailing behind in the dust *cough, cough* or trying to grab on with my lasso.  I need to get a faster pony. 

The drop cloth bandwagon has been going strong in blogland for awhile.  Are you saying, "Huh?"  The drop cloth bandwagon....the one where people are using cloth drop cloths as drapes and other things.  It's pretty nifty, if you ask me.  I've been wanting to try it for awhile, but well....I didn't have a reason to. 

Then I found a reason.  My bathroom.  There's this weird trend to build master bedrooms and master bathrooms without doors.  Seriously, WHY?  If I happen to be showering and brushing my teeth while Biker Boy is going to bed, he gets a face full of light.  Not really decent for sleeping.  Sure, there's a door to the tiny toilet room, but the rest of the bathroom is open up to the bedroom. 

When we bought the house, one of the first things I did was to buy a curtain rod and a clearance drape at Target and hang them up as a temporary door.  You might know that temporary lasts a long time in my household.  Silly me....I measured the curtain and hung the rod up so that the curtain would just drape the floor.  Then I washed it.  Oops.  Yep, it shrunk a foot.  Then I had a big gaping hole under the drape.  A big gaping hole that little children would peek under as I was getting dressed.  A hole just the right size for the dog to go under and come in the bathroom to snack in the cat's litter box.  A hole that just bothered me.

So three years after hanging up that first temporary curtain, I decided to temporarily try out a drop cloth drape.  While at Lowes getting stuff to fix up things at that old/rental/for sale home, I picked up a 9x6 drop cloth and some curtain clips.  I hung it up about a month ago and didn't take any pictures.  I did wash it first, but I hadn't ironed it.  I finally decided to iron it and gave up.  Ironing is not something I do often.  Wrinkle-free shirts are a good thing for Biker Boy.  So I finally took pictures about a week ago.  And now I'm finally showing you.  Here it is:

I like that it hits the floor.  No peeking allowed!  Well, Biker Boy is allowed to peek. I can peek too.  No kids, dogs, cat, guests, or peeping Toms are allowed to peek. 

I did the easy hemming or sewing of any kind.  I just folded the edge over and clipped it.  So now I've got a pre-made valence thing on the bathroom side of the drape.  I noticed that Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land did that with her drapes.  But her drapes are prettier, you ought to check them out. 

The only thing that bothers me is the seam running across the middle.  I didn't realize when I bought the drop cloth that it would have that.  Do you see the seam?  Does it bother you?  It kinda bothers me, but not enough to change it.  Do the ones at Home Depot have that seam? 

Any unconventional uses for common items?  Anyone have some lovely drop cloth advice to share?  Links of your drop cloth creations to share?  Are you on the bandwagon?

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