Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wall Magic

Yep, I have many failed decor attempts.  I attempt, a lot

Remember my dining room?  I wasn't happy with the mini-makeover I gave it.  I tried to let it grow on me....and well, it didn't.  Then Chewy was playing dress-up with one of the drapes and pulled it down.  That was my initiative to do something different.  Plus the huge ol' cracks in the wall are almost nonexistent during the summer. 

A little while back I won a giveaway from Lindsey at A Design Story.  It was a $50 gift certificate to Belvedere Designs.  You must visit both of those sites!  A Design Story has been on my blogroll for awhile and I spent way too much time perusing the wonderful quotes and wall art at Belvedere.  I enlisted Biker  Boy's help (he's not much into decor anything, the walls would be blank except for a Klein bike poster, if it was up to him) and Biker Boy actually picked some wall art that was top on my list.  I had a lot of things from Belvedere that were top on my list.  It was an exciting day when the box came in the mail!

After much delibration (on my part), we decided to put the wall art up in the dining room.  Biker Boy was happy to see the drapes go and I was happy to have the simple, clean lines back. 

I played around with the wall art to see where it should go.  Biker Boy and I both agreed to center it above the windows.  Scooter just played with Play-Doh.  Chewy was napping.  All was good in this crazy house of ours. 

The vinyl wall art was easy to put up.  My 5-year-old could probably have done it.  I was pleasantly surprised with the ease and how good it looked once it was up.  I've got textured walls.  The kind of walls that look like the wall people didn't finish them.  Like they slapped the mudding stuff up and didn't sand it, cause they were lazy.  That's my walls.  And the vinyl art looks good on them.  It looks like I'm a really good painter and free-handed this awesome design on my wall.  Which, if you know'd know that wouldn't be the case.  I'm a creative hack. 

So simple, so pretty. I'm loving it.  More than bacon, donuts, and chocolate.  Well, that might be stretching it a bit.  I'll admire it while eating chocolate, cause bacon and donuts aren't allowed in the house.  (Or I'd eat too much.)  I'm telling ya, this vinyl wall art is Wall Magic.  Wall beautification in a box.  Wall Magic.

I was so loving my new open windows and simple vinyl art, that I rearranged furniture.  Again.  Some IKEA Molger benches got moved by the big window.  Now the kiddos have a place to sit and watch the birds and butterflies.  Let's see how long this makeover lasts. 

Now I've got some homework assignments for you:
1) Tell me...what's making you happy dance in your dining room?  Got an awesome light fixture, a great meal, some trendy paint, a family photo that you love hanging on the wall? 
2) Go visit Lindsay at A Design Story and not just because I won a giveaway from her.  She's got awesome style, practical advice, and some fun stuff going on at her site.  She even offers custom designs if you're looking to transform your place.
3) Go visit Belvedere Designs.  You'll get lost in all they have to offer.  Maybe pick up a gift certificate for that new homeowner in your life. 

And for your viewing pleasure and becuase I haven't done a reality check in awhile....I'm going to give you the first world-wide internet glimpse of my entire open floor plan before I leave you.  The kitchen, dining, and living room in their unglorified state.  Before the said dining room makeover. The home from vacation look with stuff in places it doesn't belong.  Cause it ain't always neat here people.  This is thanks to Biker Boy's wide-angled helmet cam that I got him for his birthday.  Whew...I've got to work up the courage to show you this.  Drum roll please......

Oh, that wasn't so bad.  Just keeping it real here people, keeping it real.  How do you keep it real?

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