Friday, July 2, 2010

Watch Them Grow

Kids grow like weeds.  But not like my weeds, my weeds are on hormones or something.  They're about the only thing that grows in my dusty southwestrn high mountain yard.  We came home from vacation to dead grass and weeds the size of me.  Some bad weeds, weeds with prickers and things that stick to fur.  I combed over 200 hundred out of the dog.....and I'm not kidding!  I hate weeds gone bad.  That includes tumble weed.  Bad stuff.  And yucky smelling wild sunflower things that take over everything. 

My kids grow more like the trees.  Sometimes fast and sometimes slow, but totally anchored. 

I showed you awhile back how we "chart" the growth of our kids and the aspen trees here.

I haven't shown you how we also chart their growth with a plum tree.  We planted this plum tree our first spring in this house and in honor of Chewy's First Birthday!

                             2008                                 2009                                   2010
It's called a Plum Tree, but we have yet to see real plums.  The tree gets blossoms, it freezes here in the mountains, and we get NO plums.  But we have a tree with leaves and that's a good thing.  The tree hasn't died yet and that's also a good thing.  It was a little slow to leaf out this year, not to mention that I took the picture in April and 2009 was taken in June.  I might have to take another.  ( appears Biker Boy fixed our camera after the "dog can't swim incident.")

How do you chart growth?  Any special little things that you do?  Have a great weekend celebrating the Fourth!

You can also check out how I chart growth in a more traditional way here.

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