Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dealing With The Unexpected

It's one of those days.  The kind where everything happens that you didn't plan for. 

Scooter woke up covered in hives.

Which meant a trip to his allergy specialist.  Which meant an unexpected trip to town.

Which meant donuts. (It's our tradition to go get donuts if we make a trip to town to the doctor.  Because it totally makes sense to go to the doctor and get donuts.  They both start with the letter "D".)

Which meant car watching from the curb of Dunkin' Donuts.  In flippie-floppies.  Of course.

Which now means taking care of a boy who has sore and swollen ankles from the hives and blotches all over his body.  Poor Scooter.

Which now means my kitchen is still a mess.  I'll spare ya the photo, but believe isn't pretty. 

Which now means I'm going to go check on my little resting boy. 

Which now means....bye-bye.

How do you deal with the unexpected?  We're going with prayer, donuts, and a lot of deep breaths today.  And a messy kitchen.  And maybe back to regular programming tomorrow?

*update* Scooter is doing better.  He's finally moving around and was actually chasing after Biker Boy tonight.  He's still red in places and back on allergy meds.  Here's to a better day around the house tomorrow!  Don't worry grandparents....he'll be just fine!

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