Thursday, August 19, 2010

Front Porch Benches

Anybody remember that bench I built way back in May?  Anybody?  Anybody?

In case you forgot or I's right here.

I built a farmhouse bench from the plans at Knock-Off Wood.  Find the plans here.  I also built another one with leftover scrap wood.
Little things about my project:
  • I built the bench longer than the plans.  I made it 60 inches to fit under the front windows.  I did add one extra brace.
  • I used more screws than the plan called for.  Because it's longer and I liked the drill.
  • Who knew a drill had a leveling thing in it?  Nifty.
  • Being square is important.  It's just great to be square.
  • I used 2x3 boards instead of the 2x2 boards in the plan.  That's all I could find in the culled wood bin.  The culled wood is a lot cheaper.  (It's wood that's been cut or isn't always perfect.)
  • Use 2 drills.  One for predrilling and one with a bit for the actual screw.  It saves time.  That is, if you have 2 drills.
  • A hand saw does not save time.  But I was actually brave enough to use the circular saw on the second bench.
  • The second bench is built out of scraps, so it totally doesn't use the same size boards as the plans.  But it's the same basic design.
Here's my first project:

Here's my second project:

I went very basic.  No covering up the screw holes.  It's an exterior piece, not an interior I'm not concerned. 

The paint?  Totally custom and cheap.  Not exactly the color I was going for, but it kinda matches the trim.  I mixed leftover exterior house paint with a small sample of oops paint ($1).  The oops paint was a bright blue.  I ended up with a greenish color.  Oh well.  Scooter had a blast helping me paint.  He was getting to be a pro with the mini roller and did the small bench himself.  (Okay, I touched it up a bit when he wasn't looking!)  Nothing like starting the little ones young.

Shall we take a last look? 
Woo Hoo!  We are now the proud owners of a sliding compound miter saw.  I can hardly wait to try it out and start another project.  So many plans in my head and so little...time, motivation, money, time, etc.

So tell me....what's your next project?  Or what's a project you've done that you're proud of?  Enjoy!

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