Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Compost It

I've been wanting to talk garbage for days, but this post has just been alluding posting due to life. 

So let's talk garbage.  The compostable type of garbage.  All the remains of fruits, veggies, and other yummy things that break down. 

Do you compost?  Or rather, are you able to compost?  I know it's not feasible for everyone due to where you live. 

We have a little history of composting.  In our first house, over 6 years ago, we started composting.  We just made a circle of chicken wire and stuck it out behind our unattached garage.  The neighbors behind us had a fence, so they couldn't see it.  And stuff composted there.  I don't know where it went, but we never got any of that really good compost to use in our garden.  Probably because we didn't cover it.  Well, we didn't compost in our second temporary home.  (It's still for sale if anyone wants to buy it!)  And we didn't compost for the first year in our now home.  Want to know why?


Yep, bears.  Occasionally a bear will wander down the mountain during drought years and find its way into the foothills where we live.  Drought happens here often.  And I guess the bears will even come on down when their population is soaring and they need to find more places to eat. 

Well, over a year ago we started composting again.  I must have forgotten about bears.  We saw a compost building kit at Lowes for a small price and bought it.  We snapped that baby together like we were playing adult legos and stuck it out behind a tree near the house.  We can't see it from the house, but it isn't so far that we won't go out to it.....even in the winter. 

And now all of our compost goes into it.  Beware....garbage pictures coming up.  If they make your stomach turn....turn away. 

This summer we seem to be putting a lot of watermelon rinds in. 

We put in all our vegetable scraps, fruits scraps, coffee grinds and filter, tea bags, and egg shells.  We stow them in a take-out container with a lid on the counter until someone takes them out.  You could use a fancy "compost pail," but we use what we have. 

And all this goes into a pile of stuff that never seems to grow.  (Bad grapes!  What a bummer!)  The compost bin is a regular feeding zone for little critters.  We've spotted a mouse in there at one time.  I'd rather have them there than in the house!  There are some tiny bugs flying around inside and some ants, but that's been it.  The compost doesn't smell and doesn't yet seem to draw the big critters. 

Then just this past weekend our neighbor stopped by to tell us that he spotted bear tracks at the end of our property.  He wanted to let us know since he knew we had little ones. great.  So far....I haven't seen any bears on our property and would like to keep it that way.

I compost, but I'm not the expert.  I will tell you not to put in any meat or dairy products and just the shells of eggs.  Also don't put in weeds if you're going to use the compost in your garden.  (Has anyone seen the Curious George show about composting?  Here's a YouTube preview.)

So I've got a few resources here for you if you're interested in composting, buying a bin, or making a bin:
How to is full of lots of info.
Composting Instructions: How to Compost At Home
How to Compost at Composting 101
Composting at Earth Easy

Any plans for the weekend?  Enjoy your time! 

It's Friday, which means hot chocolate and whipped cream at breakfast!  Scooter has requested frozen hot chocolate when he gets up!  Yum!

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