Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Dotty

Need to keep the kids or grand kids busy?  Need a great gift for a preschool or elementary teacher?  Need crafty Sunday school items?  Want to let the kids paint, but not let them get too messy?  Want to make a craft project yourself?

Have you heard of Do-A-Dot Art Sponge Tip Applicator?

My kiddos received these from Aunt Teacher and they're fabulous.  When the kids want to paint and you don't want to deal with messy brushes or cups....these sponge tip Do-A-Dot Art Markers are the best!

The kids can put bunches of dots on a page (or thank you notes in our case).

They can use them to draw.

Even better....they're washable and non toxic. They're also available in other colors.  We have the rainbow 6 pack.  The kids love the bright colors.

The caps are easy to twist off and my kiddos are now able to do it themselves.  Hey, I even like to do dot art.  It's fun. 

By the way....they're made in the USA.  Even better.  If you're interested, you can check them out at  You can also check out the products at Target and Amazon online.

So tell me....what crafty items are you finding fun lately?  Any slightly mess free options for the kiddos?  Great ideas for thank you notes?  Do-A-Dot Art fans?

Psst....I'm not affiliated with Do-A-Dot Art in any way.  My kids and I are just big fans and love to use the sponge tip applicators.  Fun stuff!

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  1. Oh, those look so fun! I bet my neices and nephews would love that... great gift idea!

    Have a great week!

    Lindsay @ A Design Story


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