Thursday, August 26, 2010

Refrigerator Magnet Mania

For those of you with stainless steel refrigerators....the real'll want to skip to the end of this post.  There's something there for you.  For the rest of us.....with non-stainless and stainless look appliances....feel free to read on.  I've got another reality check for you.

Way back when I probably said....yes, I said....I'd never have a refrigerator with things all over it.  I did.  I said that. 

So how did my refrigerator end up looking like this?

Oh's called 2 kids with a stool.  Whoa. 

Biker Boy came home the other day and said, "Do you remember when you said you'd have a refrigerator with nothing on it?"  Yep, I remember that.  Kinda like I remember getting away for unplanned weekends without having to pack a car full of toys and stuff.  Kinda like I remember what my stomach looked like before 2 kids.  It's fuzzy.  My memory...not my tummy. 

So I cleaned off the refrigerator while Chewy was eating breakfast the other day. 

It got shiny.  Way shiny.  A little too shiny. I was startled every time I walked by it. 

So I added something. 

Now I just need to add a helmet to that girl's head.  Naughty Bicycle Girl. 

Chewy asked, "Why are you taking the magnets down?"  And Scooter asked, "Why is the refrigerator empty?"  "Because I cleaned it," I replied.

The kids can still play with magnets.  Just on a cookie sheet.  I ought to hang it on the side of the cabinet, but it's handy for the kids to tote around and use.  Plus, I can still wash it and bake with it.  So that's my little tip for you stainless can still have magnets.  Just use a cookie sheet. 

And there you have it....another reality check.  I give the refrigerator another day before it starts to get covered again.  The projects are making their way home from kindergarten. 

So....what does your refrigerator look like?  Do you have a collection of magnets from places you visited?  Pictures of the grandkids?  A calendar of events?  Whatever your children put on it?  Now go and put a magnet or two on your refrigerator or a fingerprint if you have stainless.  Enjoy!

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