Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yourself In Art

Happy Tuesday!  I think Monday escaped me somehow.  Where did it go?  I hope your weekend was all you hoped for.  We had 2 rainstorms, hiked 5 miles as a family, and planted 370 grass plugs.  Good and dirty times here.  Plus we got 2 boxes on our doorstep!  I'll show you one today and the other....well, let's just hope I show it to you sometime in the near future.  Work progresses slowly here.  And that box just might be one of the reasons I didn't blog yesterday.

Are you just waiting to find out what was in that first box?  My kids are so going to be all over those air poppers when I let them.  Little bubble wrap jumping maniacs, that's what they are.

A little while ago I was the lucky duck who won a giveaway over at Holly's fantastic blog, "Life In The Fun Lane."  You must go and check out her blog if you haven't already.  Her blog is amazing, inspirational, and gorgeous.  Plus, Holly seems so sweet. (She's been on my blogroll since the beginning!)  The giveaway was for a Modern Bird Studios piece of art.  I'll admit...I just may have happened to enter to win a piece of theirs on another of my favorite blogs.  So you can imagine my excitement and sheer joy when I found out I won.  Picture happy dancing and belting of Disney Princess songs.  Wait....don't picture it....not pretty.  But I was happy dancing and bouncing excitedly like a little child on Christmas morning. 

Modern Bird Studios creates personalized, modern art from your photographs.  Check out their website to find out more about their fantastic and fabulous pieces.  Can I say fantabulous!? 

I'm not much of a fan of photos of myself.  Don't like them.  I rarely like them.  We've got a wedding photo and one.....just one... family photo out for viewing pleasure in our common room.  Pictures of the kids are abundant.  They're just too darn cute.  So....I sent in a picture of Biker Boy and I on our tandem bike during our vacation this summer.  Yep, you read that right, a picture of Biker Boy and I.  Me, little ol' me, who doesn't like herself in photos.  But, I'm loving myself in art!  Oh guacamole batman!  Take a peek with me!

Seriously amazing, isn't it? 

I swapped emails with Megan from Modern Bird Studios and she was a pleasure to communicate with.  She took what I couldn't realize in my head and sent some color combinations for us to choose from.  Then Gregg, the artist of the duo, created this amazing 12x12 two color piece on oak composite.  I even love that he signs the back of it. This was the first box that got excitedly opened.  I left the other one to Biker Boy as I tenderly carried this piece of art around with me.  Can I say....this is the best piece of art in my home?  Oops....don't tell the kids.  I love their art too.  But this baby is getting prime real estate someday.  A place of honor with lights shining on it.  Now if I can just do up the guest/office where it's going to go half as good as this wonderful piece. 

I could blab on and on cause I'm so excited.  So basically....go over and check out "Life in the Fun Lane" and head over and check out Modern Bird Studios.  Maybe you can go in with some buddies and get that former college roomie a stellar wedding gift.  Or a baby shower gift.  Join your siblings and get an awesome anniversary gift for your parents or grandparents.  Or splurge on yourself.  You could find "Your Life In Art."  Tell Holly and the Modern Bird Studios team that I say "Hi" and a huge "Thank You!"

Before I go....anyone got weekend ditties to share?  Art you're excited about?  Things that make you happy dance?  Hiking mishaps?  (Had a few of those...I'll spare ya.)  Enjoy!

By the way...I don't have to write a peachy post just cause I won a giveaway.  Nobody forced me or asked me to.  I'm writing a peachy post because I'm genuinely excited and wanted to share the goods with you!


  1. I LOVE the picture you chose! It is so unexpected and fun. I love that the kids have photos everywhere, but mom and dad got a little special treatment! Your blog is beautiful and I can't thank you enough for all the kind words, blog roll shout out and for stopping by and reading my rambles regularly.

    A more wonderful mom and reader could not have won!!!


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