Friday, September 24, 2010

Cupboard Crashing - The Baking Drawer

Quickie Friday.  Time to crash another cupboard....actually a drawer.  Cause it makes me clean it.  In less than 10 minutes. 

This is my baking drawer before the intervention:

There were some serious sugar high parties going on here. 

I don't know what happened.  Maybe that's what happens when you cook with kids.  Or just throw things in the drawer.  Sometimes it's just easier to throw things, but it's not pretty.  Kinda like my actual throwing.  That's why I never played a sport where there were balls involved.  Did you know I only lasted one day on the softball team?  I'm not a team player.  That's why I swim, run, and bike.  And I diverge.  Cause I'm running on a lack of sleep.  Again, I diverge.  *sigh*

So I messed up my counters in the process of getting a clean drawer.

It hasn't been this clean since before we moved in.  Shiny.  Happy.  Drawer. 

My organization of the drawer involved cleaning out other cupboards.  I used old take-out containers and storage containers to contain everything.  A free makeover.  Don't ya love free things?  And a Winnie-the-Pooh candle?

I wonder how long I can keep it like this? 

What can you do in 10 minutes?  Keep it clean.  You know what I mean. 

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