Friday, September 3, 2010

Gain Review, Contest & Giveaway

You've got a lot to gain in this post.  A review, a contest, and a giveaway.  And I might gain a few eye rolls with how many times I use the word "Gain." 


I had the opportunity to try out Gain liquid laundry detergent in the original fresh scent.  Biker Boy tends to be the laundry scent evaluator in our home, while I tend to be the one that buys the laundry detergent.  I'm not a brand devotee in any way, but I've been a free and clear gal with little ones in the house.  So lately Biker Boy has been complaining that our bicycling clothes smell bad even after going through the wash.  (I was trying out a new eco-friendly detergent.)  Believe me, polyester bike jerseys can really hold their stink.  And yes, I've noticed the jerseys haven't smelled odorless after being washed.  So here comes the true story....Upon receiving my bottle of Gain I immediately washed all the towels in the house.  Biker Boy used one that night and asked what I did to the towels.  I asked, "Why?"   He said, "They smell different. They smell clean.  It's nice."  So we gained clean smelling towels.  But what about the bicycling clothes?  That was my second load.  A load of jerseys, bike shorts, sweaty head bands, socks, running shorts, hiking pants, and other work out gear.  Enter a lovely chorus of singing here.....It all came out smelling pleasant!  We gained pretty smelling bicycle clothes!  The scent of the detergent is a little strong straight out of the bottle, but it's refreshingly subtle when the laundry is done.  The bicycle clothes were Biker Boy scent approved with Gain.  You just want to keep sticking your nose in the laundry because it smells so good!  And does it clean?  Why, does a very nice job of that! 

I also got to try out the new Gain dish washing liquid in the lavender scent.  You know how some scents remind you of memories or other things?  Well, this dish soap was doing that for me.  I was washing dishes and thinking that this scent reminded me of something, but I couldn't place it.  It's got a lavender scent with a little zip of something else that's quite intriguing.  I had Biker Boy smell it and he said it reminded him of Irish Spring soap.  That was it! The smell reminds me of a clean bathroom.  Clean!  And that's what the dish soap does, it cleans well and smells lovely at the same time.  I'm a little partial to using it in my mopping solution.  It covers up the vinegar smell and made mopping a scentsational experience!

Now for the nitty gritty.  Both products clean well, which is what they're suppose to do.  The scents seem strong straight out of the bottle to me, but are pleasant when they're doing their job.  I loved how my house smelled when I was doing laundry.  Since we have our own septic system, it's a bonus that the soaps are safe for septic systems and they don't contain phosphates.  Gain is also one of the most economical choices at the stores to buy, which is a bonus for those of us on a budget.  I would like a more comprehensive list of ingredients on the bottle, but I just like to know what I'm using.  I also have issues with the bright coloring of the liquids.  I'm not much for colors, but some people don't mind them.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Gain and the lovely scents.  Excuse me while I go stick my nose in the clean laundry. 


Now you could gain a home makeover!  Gain and HGTV Designer Sabrina Soto have teamed up to celebrate the joy of scent with a “Scent-ervention” Home Makeover Contest. If you're a scent lover, you can enter to win a "Scent-ervention" with Sabrina Soto by visiting or Gain's offical Facebook page. 

As Gain’s Home Scent Designer, Sabrina Soto’s mission is to celebrate those who love scent and help them achieve a wonderful scent experience at home by creating customized scent palettes. Sabrina knows how to transform beautiful spaces within any budget. Now the acclaimed designer wants families’ homes to smell as scent-sational as they look.

“The scent of your home says a lot about you. I tell my clients to use it as an accessory, like furniture, to help create an environment that reflects who you are. Making sure scents blend well together is just as important as selecting a signature scent,” said Sabrina Soto. “I’m excited to partner with Gain as they launch new and exciting products to help people become scent-savvy stars.”

The contest ends Friday, September 10 so be sure to hop on over to or Gain's Facebook page to get all the information. 


One lucky Home.Kids.Life. reader is going to gain a package of assorted Gain products all courtesy of Gain.  Thank you Gain!

  • Who: One winner.  Limited to US residents only.
  • What: Package of assorted Gain products including detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets and new dish washing liquid. Valued at $25. (Sample/Trial sized items may be added)
  • When: Enter Friday, September 2 thru Friday, September 10 until 12pm Eastern time.  Winner will be announced on Friday, September 10.  
  • How:   You can get up to three entries per person per email address.  1st entry: Comment in the contest entry portion with "Gain Me".  Feel free to add what your favorite scent is.  2nd entry: "Like" Gain on Facebook and comment again with something like, "I'm a FB fan."  3rd entry: Follow Gain on Twitter and comment again with something like, "Twitter follower." 
  • Other stuff: will be used to select the winner.  The winner will be announced here on Friday, September 10 and be notified by email.  Family and friends are welcome to enter. 
Thanks so much to Gain for sponsoring this giveaway!  Enjoy your holiday weekend! 

*I was given the above mentioned Gain products to try at home.  All opinions are 100% my own.*


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