Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going Batty

We're going a little batty over here.

I mean, really "batty." As in BATS!

I'm way ahead of the game with Halloween costumes this year. Give me a big 'ol CHECK next to the box with Halloween Costumes. Done. And homemade. And I'll now give myself a pat on the back. *pat,pat*
Because these were easy. Really easy. Easy for someone with basic sewing skills. That's me....I only have basic sewing skills. I mean, I have to read the direction book every time I drag the machine out of the closet.

I modified directions from "Easy Hooded Bath Towel" at Make and Takes. Check it out. Brilliant.
To make 2 hooded towels I used:

3 black bath towels
Sewing machine and the usual stuff (thread, pins)
Buttons for eyes
Luck, not necessarily skill

How I did it:

Using a hand towel folded in half as a guide, I cut out the same shape to use as a hood. (You could just buy a hand towel instead of a third towel, but I wanted some extra material for ears and a dog costume. Yes, I said a dog costume. Roll your eyes along with me.)

I folded the bath towel in half to find the center point and pinned the center of the hood part to it.

Pin the hood to the towel. I put the hood on top of the towel and sewed across.

For the hood, just flip inside out, fold, and sew the rough edges together. (I did use bias tape on any edge that would be showing.) The rough edges will end up on the inside of the hood, so you don't need to do anything to them.

Then you have a hooded towel. Nifty.

To make it into a bat, I cut out a triangle out of paper for a template. Those are the ears. I cut out 4 triangles per towel. I sewed a colored zigzag triangle on to 1 side of the ear. Just for a little pizazz. I sewed 2 triangles together then and made an ear.

I hand stitched the ears on. It was easier for me. And that was it. Now if you could just understand my directions, then that would be great. I'm not sure I understand them. Good luck.

Wanna know why bats? Well, my parents have animal towels for the kids to use when we visit them. I said that it would probably be easy to sew an animal towel for Halloween. I think Scooter had the idea of bats and that was that. A sale at Target for towels and I was set. Chewy picked out eyes and we had costumes! Oh....and feel free to laugh at the elephant towel. We all do too! At least the adults do.

So what are you being for Halloween? What are the kids dressing up as?

I almost's the dog. I know....It's doggone ridiculous.

A Note of Caution:  These are all black costumes, so they're probably not ideal for trick or treating in the dark.  A huge bunch of reflective tape would be needed.  But don't worry about us....we live in a semi-rural area with limited trick-or-treating.  Our kids trick-or-treat in the safe confines of the local community center.  No reflective tape needed, just a lot of patience while we wait in a line of people.

Also....these costumes are multi use.  We're already using them for the pool, bathtime, and playtime.  An added bonus is that they can be washed and I've already washed these things about 3 times.  Yippee for being able to clean things!

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